December 25, 2015

Blogging can Resume....

The last month I've been so focused on finishing my Christmas knitting I haven't blogged anything!! I have posted regular progress photos on my Instagram account but didn't take that extra bit of time to get a proper blog post together.

Here's a collection of photos of what I've completed for my Christmas Knitting :-)

Clockwise From Top Left : Christmas Nerd Socks for my Brother, Mindless Zombie Socks for my Husband, Cinderblock Christmas Socks for my Dad & Scrappy Casbah Socks for my Mom

Clockwise from Top Left : Modified Free Style Cap for my Husband, Free Style Cap for my Mom, Garnet Scrappy Socks for Laura (my brothers girlfriend) & Stockholm Scarf !

Clockwise from Top Left : Red Hot Pink Socks for my Sister, Cinder Block Socks for Greg (my sisters husband) , a Stripy Sweater for my Dad & a Modified Lady Sunnyside for my Mom

I also knit a bunch of Regular Guy Beanies to include as gifts as well :-) I was able to use up my handspun as well.

I was so bad and didn't take a collective picture of the toques before I wrapped them up :-(

I'm so glad I was able to finish everything I wanted to accomplish for Christmas knitting this year :-) I took a day off from knitting on Christmas Eve and for the whole night I was thinking about what I should be knitting next ;-) I may need to detox a bit!!

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year :-)

Happy Knitting :-)