June 27, 2017

🇨🇦 Oh Canada Update 🇨🇦

I've loaded a few Oh Canada Project Bags in my Online Shop!! 


They are Made To Order and will be sewn and shipped within 5 business days 😍

I've also opened up a Dyed To Order for Oh Canada on Anna's Sock 🍁🍁


Oh Canada is a Kettle Dyed colorway with Tonal Reds and white! This colorway has a high variance so alternating is recommended 🇨🇦

I'll be leaving the Dyed To Order for Oh Canada open until July 2! 

Happy Shopping 🇨🇦🍁❤️

June 20, 2017

Last of the Button Pins!!

I have a very limited amount of Button Pins left! I offer flat rate shipping for all Button Pins of $3 within Canada, $4 to the USA and $7 Internationally! This is just for orders with Button Pins, Progress Keepers or Snagless Stitch Markers because they can be shipped Lettermail! 


So if you've been eyeing up any Button Pins, Nows the time to snag them. I won't be bringing in anymore of these Button Pins after this stock sells out 😄

Check out what's left for my Button Pin stock in my online shop HERE

Happy Shopping ❤️

June 17, 2017

Relax, Enjoy, and get back to Work...

The last couple weeks have been all about Relaxing and getting back to my equilibrium! Spending time with my kiddos, family and knitting! I had 2 Markets that were close together (about a month apart) and even though I planned out my work extremely well, it can be a little stressful. I had all my work done 2 weeks before the Frolic and the last 2 weeks were all about getting the little things done. Overall I'm happy I wasn't a complete mad house the final week 😂

So right after the Frolic( which was AMAZING!!!!! Thank you for all the Love Edmonton and Northern Alberta ❤️❤️) I took a bit of time to relax and recharge! Which has been going super well! Although I've noticed the last week I've been creatively itchy. It's like Knitting's not helping. So I ordered some yarn (which should be in, in a week) and started cutting out project bags 😂 Apparenty this was an itch that only creative work can sadisfy 😂😂😂 bc it went away! I find this completely humorous but not unexpected bc my business is a creative outlet for me! 

I have some pretty awesome projects bags cut out and I'm aiming for a Canada Day Update! It will be fairly small and have a few items but then after,  I'll be getting back into the swing of things. 


I've also been busy planning the Prairie Fibre Festival! There's confirmed vendors and I've been announcing them on Facebook , Ravelry and Instagram . So be sure to follow in all the above links to keep in the loop! There's some pretty fabulous vendors! I'm well over 50% occupied. Which is awesome! There is only 4 booths left out of 23 and only 6 tables left out of 24! I would say that's a raging success! 

I'm planning on having a food truck there, there's a knitting / spinning area where you can have a coffee or tea and chat, there's some Machine Knitter Crankers there that you can watch (like who DOESN'T want to see that), there will be some mini courses, door prizes and of course Shopping!

Speaking of courses, be sure to pop into the Prairie Fibre Festival Group and vote for your favourite courses in the course thread! I'll be choosing the courses shortly after July 1 so the instructors can book the day! Courses will range from 30-60 minutes and can be spinning, knitting or Felting related. They will be free to the public but any supplies will be to be purchased through the Instructor. Usually they range from free to $5 I think. 

I'm so excited to make this event as big as I possibly can for the first year ❤️