August 31, 2014

Spin, Spin, Spin...

I'm so glad I'm feeling way better today :-) I'm keeping a positive outlook because sometimes you can get caught up in the negative when your not feeling well. 

One thing that keeps me happy and positive? Spinning :-) I was super excited for my toddler to go to bed last night so I could whip out my wheel. I decided that I would start by spinning the Polypay x Arcott roving. It's very beautiful to spin. A short staple that is light and lofty. I'm spinning it very finely to get either a sport or a fingering weight. I have plans to buy some more next weekend at the farmers market. If I'm able to secure another pound or two I would love to spin up enough for a sweater. So far it's coming along great :-) 

Then I can decide what color I want to dye it after :-)

Happy Spinning :-)

August 30, 2014


I haven't been feeling well lately. Not sure what's up but I decided to go to the farmers market with my mom and sister today. It was great!! It's been a while since I've been to the farmer's market and I was a bit surprised to come across the A&B Fiberworks booth. I left with a huge bag of roving.

Top White Roving - Polypay x Arcott Wool roving. I got a pound of it and it's very soft :-)

Dark Brown Roving - Shetland Roving. There's about 8.5oz.

Silver Roving and Dark Brown Roving - Alpaca. There's 6oz of each. 

I absolutely love marbled rovings. The 2 alpaca rovings have wonderful marbling. I'm undecided what to spin first. I've been absolutely giddy since buying all this. It only cost me $52 for it all!!!! 

So now I'm counting down the hours until my wee one goes to bed so I can pull out my wheel! In the mean time I've wound them up.

This picture doesn't do it justice. The Polypay x Arcott ball is WAYYY bigger than a basketball. There's some veggie matter in them but they are easily removable since it's pretty much predrafted! 

So.....there's only 1.5 hrs until's going to drag on forever ;-)

Happy Spinning!!

August 19, 2014

Spacin' Out...

I can't believe that it's been just under 3 weeks of radio silence!! I'm sorry but have no excuses ;-) 

I have something new to share with you though! It's my new spinning wheel :-) I bought it used from a friend and I'm so in love with it! It's a Majacraft Rose. I absolutely love the engraving on it. It reminds me of my Baba Rose :-)

This wheel spins like a dream! I've been spinning here and there. Then the odd time I'll be glued to it spinning for a couple hours. It's complete heaven :-)

Here's the first skein I spun up on it! I used a braid of Prairie Spring by Be Bold My Love. This my favourite braid so far. It spun up great and I was able to get it fairly even. I ended up getting 370 yards in a sport weight yarn.

The only slightly irritating thing about it is that the rust color wasn't set in the dye. I didn't find this out until I had plied, skeined and it was soaking in the sink for its first bath. Which was a bummer. I rinsed it out real good then let it sit in an citric acid bath for 30 mins then nuked it. That worked very good. There's still a bit of rust in the undyed single in the yarn but I've been reassured by other fiber friends that it's not THAT noticable. I'm still undecided but we'll see ;-)

See... there wasn't that much to catch up on ;-)

Happy Knitting / Spinning!!