March 31, 2016

Pretty Pretty Yarn...

While creating my Ello account yesterday I had a chance to play with yarn colorways to get a photo for my banner :-) It was so much fun! 

From Left to Right: Realgar, Duchess, Tanzanite, Teal Me Blue & A River Runs Through

I think I tend to dye blues, purples and greens since they are my comfort zone. I'm looking forward to dyeing with other colours as soon as my yarn order comes in. Unfortunately it's been back orderd for about 1.5 months which is a real bummer! Although I've chosen to branch out a bit, so I put an order in for fiber. So there will be something new to my Etsy Shop soon :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

March 30, 2016

Instagram, Facebook and now Ello!!

I've noticed a lot of my Instagram peeps joining the Ello alum so I've decided to give it a try! 

I'll still be posting regularly on Instagram and on my Facebook page. I'm also going to be making a more conscious effort to post on the blog, which has been severely neglected the past few months!! I'm searching for an app that I can post on that won't make my photos all wonky! 

Happy Knitting :-)