November 19, 2015

Nesting for a Knitter...

I've been in nesting mode for the past 2 weeks. I was obsessed with getting the spare room set up for our (soon to be) new baby. Then getting all the Christmas decorations up. Then finishing up all the knitted Christmas gifts. I still have one more to go. Plus some extra hard if I have time ;-)

Now it's time to focus on clearing up some of my queue. I've been planning on knitting my mom a sweater for just over a year. She picked out a pattern and I picked out some stash yarn. I was going to modify the pattern she wanted to the style I wanted but it would require too much brain power and when your pregnant your brain doesn't function. So I convinced her that Lady Sunnyside was the way to go. Which she agreed to and she loves the sweater. My brain thanks her ;-)

So I casted on this sweater about 2 weeks ago and have been knitting on it religiously as my primary project.

Here's a few progress photos from the last couple weeks :

Working on the raglan. It was getting pretty brown in central Alberta. It was getting colder and there was no snow so it was the perfect time to be knitting a cheery green project ;-)

I was able to squeeze in some extra knitting time when my toddler decided to go down for a rare nap. I think my dogs were even excited that she was down for a nap ;-)

I got the waist shaping done. I still might add a bit of increases to the waist shaping but I'm going to wait until after I finish the sleeves to make that determination. Us French / Ukrainian ladies have a little extra junk in the trunk ;-)

I was able to finish off the first sleeve last night before I went to bed. So I can start on the second sleeve. Then once the second sleeve is done I can get going on the body. I like to knit my raglan sweaters this way so I can accurately gauge how much yarn I have left and use it to my advantage for extra length, if needed. I like longer sweaters so when I sit down it doesn't ride up!

I love this pattern :-) It's so easy to knit, well written and easy to make minor modifications to. The only modifications I have made so far is to increase the amount of stitches to the arms so they are more of a loose fit and to eliminate the button band to the pattern to add a button band at the end. So a knitted on button band. I'm hoping for a bit of a shawl collar but I'll decide when I get there. It's more important for me to get the extra length than the shawl collar.

Hopefully I'll have more to share shortly :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

November 12, 2015

Calgary Fibre Arts Fair!!

Ok, I am so late writing up this blog post about the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair! I was so excited to be there and visiting with the vendors and taking pictures. I had a lot of fun! I was there just shortly after it opened at 9am and it got pretty packed within the hour!

Here's some of my favourite booths :-)

The first booth I always seem to stop in at is Chasing Fire Ceramics! Her optimism is intoxicating and she has beautiful clay buttons!! I must have chatted to her for about 15 minutes while I was deciding on my button selection!

I also saw this gorgeous bird yarn bowl there! I know it probally sold shortly after I left!

I ended up buying these gorgeous buttons from her :-)

So gorgeous!!

My next goal was to stop at the Wacky Windmill booth. I totally didn't get to their booth soon enough at the Fibre Shindig last month so I had a goal to swoop in there and find a gem ;-)

I love the wooden windmill she uses for her displays :-)

Look at all these beautiful skeins! How do you decide?

This was my favourite part! The fiber :-)

I ended up choosing a braid of crazy fiber.

It was the last braid so I scooped it up. I would have boughten more but I have this thing my husband calls a "budget" :-(

One of my favourite booths for merchandising is Vivid Yarns booth. I loved the country feel to her merchandising!

She had so many beautiful skeins. She has an Etsy Shop with so many beautiful skeins! I've added her shops to my favorites and foresee a purchase in my future ;-)

Like how cute is this merchandising?

Then I stopped at the Clay & Cloth booth. I bought a gorgeous green yarn bowl from her at the Fibre Shindig last month and I use it all the time. I absolutely love it. So I had to pop in!

I had to take a photo of her beautiful yarn bowls!

She also had these super cute knitting / crocheting / sheep mugs that were selling out fast. She only had a few left while I was perusing her booth!

I ended up buying some clay buttons from her. The color of the glaze is unreal :-)

I don't have a project in mind for these buttons yet BUT that just means I need to buy some matching yarn ;-) I do not foresee a problem with that :-)

Sea Turtle Fiber Arts was another booth that I wanted to visit. Their booth was so busy at the Fibre Shindig that it was nearly impossible to get into it when I was there!

I perused their booth for about 20-30 minutes. I had such a hard time choosing a skein for myself! I ended up going with the first skein that caught my eye!

I love how bright and vibrant this skein is. I'm hoping to knit the cuffs and toes in the contrast yarn and the rest with the orange skein.

Yarn Ink had a rainbow of yarn goodie ness in their booth! It was always packed and I had to do a couple rounds before I was able to get in there. So not a problem for this vendor ;-)

I had a hard time choosing a skein so I decided to pick out some fiber instead. She has a lovely store in Etsy where there are detailed photos of all her crazy colorways :-) I foresee a purchase from her Etsy Shop in my future as well ;-)

I picked out 2 small braids in a colorway that is completely out of my norm for colors. I'm super excited to eventually have the time to spin these up!

The Danware booth is obviously a favourite for many knitters / spinners / fiber artists!! I did quite a few rounds at the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair and it was PACKED all the time! And for good reason! They have gorgeous craftsmanship!!

I had to take a photo of these gorgeous drop spindles. They are well made and balanced very well. My friend, Marlene, bought a zebra wood drop spindle from him at Olds Fiber Week and she loves it!

So many gorgeous wooden yarn bowls, drop spindles, fiber notions!! They have a Facebook page with photos of their work and they keep their followers updated with when they'll be attending fairs or shows they also have an Etsy Shop as well. Check them out if you can. The owner is a really sweet man that I always end up chatting to him for a long time when I see him :-)

Another crazy busy booth was the Ancient Arts Yarn booth!! This was the only picture I could get. Which was a fleeting picture before the next wave of customers came into the booth!

Her colorways are so inspiring and well received by all knitters :-) I love this wall of yarn!

The Fawn and the Fox was a super cute booth with such wonderfully made project bags! Keep in mind that by this point I had $0 left. Which was disappointing on my part BUT she has an Etsy Shop that she has regular updates for. Totally check it out :-) I know I will be!

The last booth I was able to visit was the Morengo booth. She was spinning yarn on her wheel and there was a little crowd around her checking out her local naturally dyed yarn! Super cool! Totally check her out on Instagram or on Facebook! She has an intoxicating personality and it a really sweet lady :-)

This was an awesome fair and I can't wait to see how much it can grow for next year :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

November 02, 2015

Waiting patiently for the Calgary Fiber Arts Fair...

I am being so patient! I can't wait for the Calgary Fiber Arts Fair! I've been following it since its creation last year and this year is going to be bigger than last years :-) I was hoping to be a vendor this year but shortly after finding out I was approved, I found out that I was expecting and I knew I want going to be able to get enough inventory made up for this awesome fair! I was mostly worried about the unknown and I didn't want to stress myself out since I'll be hormonal and pregnant ;-) I'm hoping next year will be more attainable for me :-)

Anyways, I still wanted to contribute to this awesome fair so I contacted the creator and asked if I could do some Giveaway donations :-) Of course that was ok!

I decided to donate 3 giveaways and each giveaway would contain a full set of Small, Medium and Large Snagless Stitch Markers :-)

Small Bloodstone, Medium Green Line Quartz and Large Hematite

Small Bloodstone, Medium Green Line Quartz and Large Petrified Wood.

Small Bloodstone, Medium Green Line Quartz and Large Petrified Wood.

I am out of stock of Bloodstone, Green Line Quartz and Petrified Wood Snagless Stitch Markers (as part of my inventory reduction in the previous posts) but I have many more lovely gems and minerals available if you check out my Etsy Shop :-)

I LOVE my packaging!! It's everything I envisioned! Simple, Rustic and Whimsically Prairie! I hope the lucky recipients of them at the Calgary Fiber Arts Fair on Nov 7 will love them :-)

If you are in or around Calgary this Saturday Nov 7, I would highly recommend attending. There are fabulous vendors and lots of beautiful fiber goodies!! Cost to get in is $5 per person/ adult or if you bring a winter coat or hat and scarf combo as a donation to Project Warmth you can get in for free :-)

If you decide to take any of their courses you can also get in for free! A list of their courses is in their Ravelry Group or on their website!

To get more information on the Calgary Fiber Arts Fair you can check out their Website, Ravelry Group, Facebook or Instagram !!

Hope to see you there :-)