May 25, 2017

Full Preview for the Edmonton Fiber Frolic!!

Full Preview of the Yarn I'll be bringing to the Edmonton Fiber Frolic on May 27 are in the Prairie Dye Studio Facebook Group  ❤️❤️


There will be  2 skeins of Enchanted Fairy available, first come first serve at my booth 😉😉

If you in the Edmonton area come check it out! There ar some fabulous vendors!!


May 22, 2017

Fibre Frolic Prep!

It's now down to within a week until the Edmonton Fibre Frolic! I did most of my prep work already but you'd be surprised of how much small things need my attention the last few days before a market. Display layout, making sure that everything's priced, making a trip to the bank for change ect. Lots of little tasks. 

Anyways, I'll be shutting down my Online Shop from May 25-29 for the Frolic and it'll be reopened shortly after. I have to do inventory before I reopen it so it can take up to a day after the 29th. 

Like my other Markets, if there's something you've had your eye on I can't guarantee it'll still be there after the Frolic. So if there's only a few left you might want to get it before the 25th 😄 

If you'll be attending the Edmonton Fibre Frolic and want to pick up an order there just select Local Pickup from the shipping methods and I'll be sure to bring it to the Frolic! 

I'm going to try to do a full preview of what I'll be bringing to the Frolic later this week! 

Happy Shopping! 

May 14, 2017

❤️❤️Online Shop Update is Live❤️❤️


Online Shop Update at is Live!! There is 3 skeins of each colorway in each base for as long as they available! If anything sells out there will be another update after the Edmonton Fibre Frolic! I can't guarantee if any colorways will be left after this awesome market 😍

Happy Shopping!! 

Full Preview in the Prairie Dye Studio Facebook Group!!


I'm getting ready for my first Online Shop Update at and I'll be adding a selection of yarn that I've dyed up for the Edmonton Fibre Frolic!  I've added a full preview in the Prairie Dye Studio Facebook Group and will pause my Online Shop while I add the inventory! Then I'll announce on Instagram and Facebook when my Shop goes live with the new inventory!! 

Happy Shopping ❤️❤️

May 12, 2017

Online Shop Is Open!!


I would say this is one of the biggest steps I've had to take with my business. The first was registering a business name. This is a close second. I've spent about 4-5 days setting up my own Shopify shop and it was well worth it. So far I love the layout and aesthetic I can create with my own online shop. 

Find my new Online Shop here :

The major difference is that notions will ship for a flat rate ( until they exceed 110grams then they will be shipped Expedited Parcel which is charged by weight) and all other purchases are shipped by weight. So Shipping is calculated during the paypal process. 

I'm going to have a mini Update next week that will include a few skeins in the colorways I dyed up for the Frolic. Date is to be announced soon! 

Thanks so much for the love and support in this transition 😍

May 10, 2017


Sometimes I have a hard time getting inspired. There's always the same colorways that customers love and it's easy as a dyer to get stagnant when you dye up the same ones time again. I've come to this hurdle many times and each time I've went more indie and have done a creative dyeing session. 


I follow Emily (daughter of Paula from Bayview Fiber Arts) and she shares inspirational color palettes. This one has been stuck in my head for a couple weeks. It's a photoshopped picture but highly inspirational! 


Here's the pot of yarn 💜💙 There was a few more layers to go on but I'm loving how it's progressing so far! 

There's nothing that beats the feeling of being allowed that creative freedom with your own business. When I started dyeing yarn (then Prairie Knitting) it was all about developing this creativity and selling my creativity. Then I registered my business name (PrairieDyeStudio) and transitioned to a creative business. It's easy to get caught up in the business aspect of a creative business. Then you lose perspective on what it is you love about your business. I've transitioned my business a few times this year to balance what I love about my business and what I don't love about it. My true passion lays with being Indie and not commercial. I don't write down Dye recipes, I don't calculate the volume of my water, and I eye ball the temperature of my pot. I really fly by the seat of my pants and put caution to the wind when I dye. It's creatively freeing and if something doesn't turn out, overdyeing does wonders. 

I'm sure there are people out there that are losing their minds right now reading this 😂 How can you reproduce colorways? 

 I Dye by feel. When it feels right the colorway is done. There will never be an exact match between dyelots and there will never be a regular appearing colorway in my updates. This is part of my next transition for my business. I'm transitioning to a creative dyeing | creative sewing | creative making policy for my creative indie home business. 

Part of this decision came about because I have a husband, 2 kiddos ( 1 yr and 4 yr), 3 fur babies and no time to myself for my own knitting 😂 My spare time was about fulfilling custom orders and I was being overwhelmed by doing this. So I have chosen to not do any custom orders. If it's available in my shop, it's available. If it's not, I've moved on to another colorway, fabric ect. There will be some colorways that make appearances in updates here and there but I won't be dyeing to order or request. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook or the Prairie Dye Studio Ravelry Group to keep in the loop with full previews of what will be available in each update 😍

I will be aiming to do a monthly update where the yarn dyed, a few Project Bags and some stitch markers will become available and will remain in the shop until they sell out. 

Thanks so much for understanding and your support ❤️❤️

May 09, 2017

Online Shop in Progress!!


I've been working on getting my online shop going the last day and am aiming to have it active by the end of the week. 

There will be a couple price increases for some progress Keepers, as some of the charms are more expensive than others. So the enamel Progress Keepers will be $5 as soon as my online shop goes active. I'll also be increasing Anna's Sock from $26 a skein to $28 a skein. 

All other prices will remain the same for the foreseeable future. So if there's anything you've had your eye on snag it while you can in my Etsy Shop! 

Another change will be that my online shop will be charging shipping by weight, so flat rate shipping will end when my online shop is active. You can still get flat rate shipping through my Etsy Shop until the end of the week!

Happy Shopping!!

May 05, 2017

Discontinuing Button Pins


The Last of the Button Pins!! As you know my good friend Marlene of LadyDragonflyStudio makes up these fabulous Button Pins and she now has started her own online shop ðŸ˜ I'm so happy I could support her in this important time, so after my stock of Button Pins sells out you will only be able to get them exclusively through her ❤️❤️ I will be discontinuing Button Pins from my Shop and will continue to support her and all the designs she will create 😍❤️ All the Button Pins in my Etsy Shop have been double checked and they all have pin backs! So no need to worry! Happy Shopping 😄❤️

🕊🥚Bird Bags in the Etsy Shop🥚🕊


I just added the last of the Bird Bags to my Etsy Shop! There is 2 Sock Sized, 5 Smal Sized and 4 Medium sized!! Both fabrics are discontinued and it too some considerable time to source out some more after they sold out last time! So this will be the last batch with this fabric combo!! Snag one while you can 😍

May 03, 2017


This has been a year of rapid growth and change for my little home business! I thought I had it balanced out (the best I could) and then Etsy decided to change up their payment policies. So after lots of positive comments (and a few encouraging words in Instagram from TheBlueBrick and TheCozyKnitter) it helped solidify the decision it's time to get a Shopify online shop. For a long time I was resigned that if Etsy was working I would keep with it. I would sacrifice how the itemization was and the FEES!!!! My bill had been going up steadily the last 4-5 months and I felt like I was constantly reorganizing and fiddling with the categorization for my Shop. The last straw was being forced to accept Etsy Payments. Maybe it's an old way of thinking but I don't think a company should hold your money (that you don't have access to) until it's deposited into your account. It's like they are trying to take out PayPal and collect the interest for the time they are holding Etsy Sellers funds until they deposit them. I know you can ask for an earlier date to deposit but does it really change the fact that they are trying to profit even more on Etsy Sellers. At least with PayPal I have access to the funds that I can use for buying more product or transfer it to my business bank account. 

So saying that, I will be transitioning to a Shopify online shop. I am in the midst of prep mode for the Edmonton Fibre Frolic so I don't have the time to dedicate setting it up until after the Frolic. So on March 17 I will be removing all items from my Etsy Shop, switching on Etsy Payments and leaving my shop vacant and empty for the foreseeable future. Then after I'm done the Edmonton Fibre Frolic I can dedicate my time to setting up my Shopify account 😍 I'm sure there will be trials and errors but having an area that I can customize to how I want it and save on the FEES! I'm sure I'll find out more when I get my first bill from Shopify but the monthly fee was $79usd, 1% of transactions going through PayPal and listings are unlimited. Which is still cheaper than Etsy. I paid just under $300 in fees for last month on Etsy......

Since all this change is happening before I can get a Pre Frolic Etsy Update I'll be offering a sweet deal in the mean time! 


I have a few skeins left of Local Icelandic Lopi left and they are taking up a bin I'll need for the Frolic! So I've decided that all purchases where yarn or Project Bags are purchased get a skein of Local Icelandic Lopi for free! Just let me know your colorway preference in the comments and I'll add it to your order ❤️❤️ This is in effect until the supply runs out!  It helps me transition to the lighter weight yarns for spring | summer AND it's a little spring cleaning for me 😍

Happy Shopping!!

May 01, 2017

Online Shop Possibly Coming Soon!!


There may be changes on the horizon for my online customers!

Etsy has been sending me emails for the last month or so about updating my Payment Policy and accepting Etsy Payments. The new email I got this morning stated that any Etsy Seller that doesn't accept Etsy Payments will have their account deactivated on May 18. I prefer using PayPal as the funds are received instantly, the customer is protected and I can ship via PayPal (which also protects the seller). Basically the difference between Etsy Payments and PayPal is that Etsy would hold onto the funds until a deposit date. So I would have to use Etsy's shipping method and they would hold onto all the funds until they deposit it. So i emailed my concerns to them, since I was grandfathered into the previous payment policy. So if they decide to force me to accept the Etsy Payments I will be shutting down my Etsy Shop on May 17 and sourcing out an online shop domain. Sorry for the inconvenience to all my customers and more info will be announced as I know it 😄