September 17, 2017

My Next Market - Prairie Fibre Festival!!

My next market is coming up soon!! My Online Shop is now closed, as I'll be in full prep mode finalizing details for the Prairie Fibre Festival! There are lots of little details that need to be finalized this week for the PFF and for the Prairie Dye Studio Booth, so I will be busy! 

I've been answering lots of questions regarding the Prairie Fibre Festival the last couple weeks! 

One of the amenities that I've offered all that attend is the option to attend the Free Mini Courses! I've posted the list of the courses in Facebook and Ravelry and if you haven't been following them, you should! Specifically the Facebook and Instagram Accounts! I've been sharing so much fibre porn from all the talented vendors, its amazing! I am so blessed to have so many talented Indie Makers of the Fibre Arts participating in this event ❤️❤️ The Fibre Arts is a community and a team! To get such support for this event, I feel very, very blessed ❤️❤️ 

Not to mention, the super cute PFF Button Pins that are available for the first 100 attendees! 

There will be giveaways for the attendees that will be drawn every hour! 

Also! Be sure to pop into the Cranker Booth!! They have knitting machines and you can ask any questions you may have about knitting machines! This is a real treat because to buy a knitting machine can be a real investment. So to have the opportunity to ask questions, is to decide if it's really right for you! 

Also, when your heading in say hi to my husband! He's working the door 😉 He's going to be wearing the most awesome Wool Security shirt 🐑❤️❤️ 

See you on Sept 24 ❤️❤️

September 05, 2017

Attending the Prairie Fibre Festival?

My Online Shop is Open until Sept 17! If your attending the Prairie Fibre Festival you can pick up your order there and save the shipping! This is a popular option if you want to ensure that you get what you'd been eyeballing in my Online Shop! Just select Local Pickup from my Online Shop! I'll be in touch shortly after to confirm Pickup at the Prairie Fibre Festival ❤️ Happy Shopping!!

Below is a collage of some of the last remaining single product in my Online Shop ❤️❤️

Happy Shopping 😄

September 03, 2017

Full On Prep Mode

I am in Full On Prep Mode for the Prairie Fibre Festival on September 24!! I'll be getting my yarn order in the next week and I just did my last Online Update last week! I'll have lots of last minute prep work for Prairie Dye Studio and the Prairie Fibre Festival the week of September 17, so I'll be closing down my Online Shop for the week! It will reopen shortly after September 25! 

If there's anything you've had your eye on, I can't guarantee it'll be there after the Prairie Fibre Festival!! I also have the Calgary Shindig a short 3 weeks after the Prairie Fibre Festival too!! So no guarantees that anything will be there!!

Happy Shopping ❤️❤️