March 26, 2017

Full Preview for the Etsy Update on Monday March 27 @ 10am MST

Here's the Full Preview of what will be available during the Etsy Update Monday March 27 at 10am MST!!

Argyle Socks - 6 skeins on Anna's Sock

My Old Black Powder  - 12 skeins on Anna's Sock

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) - 6 skeins on Anna's Sock

Oh Canada - 6 skeins in Anna's Sock

Columbia Icefield - 6 skeins on Anna's Sock

Cotton Candy - 6 skeins on Anna's Sock

Ana - 6 skeins on Anna's Sock

Ron Burgundy - 6 skeins on Anna's Sock

There is also a limited amount of Perfect Pairing Kits! It's a collaboration between Prairie Dye Studio and Bayview Fiber Arts! I dyed up a OOAK (One Of A Kind) to accent Bachelors Button! Each kit comes with 1 skein of Starburst by PrairieDyeStudio and 1 skein of Bachelors Button by Bayview Fiber Arts! There is only 6 kits available 😍

Happy Shopping 😄

March 25, 2017

Anyone Interested In a Central Alberta Fibre Fair? 😉❤

Since announcing this on Instagram and Facebook I've had a flurry of support. This last year has been substantial for my business and it has grown at a fast pace. I've come to know many vendors at the Calgary Fibre Shindig and Calgary a Fibre Arts Fair and they've become Fibre Friends. It's nice to get support from colleagues and friends alike ❤

People that don't know me may not know but I'm a Do-er. Basically, I speak my mind and tend to offend everyone that doesn't like hearing the truth. Hence why I'm here.  Bureaucracy doesn't like truth, assertiveness or directness which I've had my whole life. So when I find myself in the situation I'm in,


I'm doing exactly what I told the coordinator I would do. And I've had s flurry of response. So there will be a Central Alberta Fibre Fair.

I'm in the process of securing a venue and date. I encourage all Vendors to let me know what time of the year would work best for them. So far summer is what has been suggested  so it doesn't interfere with the Shindigs, EdmontonFibre Frolic and Calgary Fibre Art Fair. I'm open to communications with potential vendors and instructors! I'm looking at having an open call for vendors and instructors! I'm looking to have 30-40 vendors and hopefully a selection of fleeces (if any farmers with to attend as vendors), a selection of fibre, fibre artists, indie dyers, basically a broad spectrum of the fibre community I love❤❤

I've created a Facebook Group HERE and a Ravelry Group HERE 😄 There's an interactive thread open in the Prairie Fibre Festival Ravelry Group that is looking for customer opinions! Have your voices heard of what you'd like to see at the Prairie Fibre Festival in Central Alberta! I've had an overwhelming amount of support from vendors and teachers / instructors! So what do the customers want 😄❤ What courses would you be interested taking? Knitwear design basics, knitting techniques, how to run a sheep farm? Nothing's off the table! This is the group to follow and get your opinions heard, as the people make an event successful 👍

Keep your eyes peeled for additional information 😄

When one door closes, build your own house and open the door ❤❤

March 24, 2017

Prairie Dye Studio will not be at Olds Fibre Week

I think this is pretty explanatory. If you follow me on Instagram or on the Prairie Dye Studio Facebook Group this is old news but I figured I would post it on my Blog as well. I will not be doing the Olds Fibre Week Marketplace. I'm hesitant to say EVER but for right now, EVER. I've had 2 phone calls with the Continuing Education Department and it was not positive. I was stone walled so I couldn't go any further with my concerns and when I commented under my business account on Facebook I was chastised on a secondary phone call from the Continuing Education Department. There was a severe communication breakdown between me and the second lady, who said she was also a coordinator, and it was quite obvious that she had heard one side of the previous conversation between me and the other coordinator. Which was quite frustrating on my part. So I told her to take me off the waiting list. I don't need to do Olds. It's more of a Social event for me as the sales aren't there. So..... 

On a positive note; I'm doing the Spring Fibre Shindig in Calgary.

I'll also be at the Edmonton Fibre Frolic!

I have a super fun collaboration with the Manitoba Fibre Festival coming up in September. September 15&16 if your in the area! Facebook Link to their Facebook Group is HERE

And I'll be applying to the Fall Fibre Shindig and the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair as well. The Shindig's and Calgary Fibre Art Fair's are super fun to attend as a customer and as a vendor because of the atmosphere and lack of bureaucracy. 

So I'm not going to let this experience with the Olds Fibre Week Marketplace dampen my spirit because there's more profitable markets out there for me and I'll get to see my fibre friends there 😄

Now that that is covered,  I'm off to feeling super pumped about my next Etsy Update that will be either Monday or Tuesday! Keep an eye out for more details and some preview pictures ❤

March 21, 2017

Animal Totem Project Bags!!

I was able to get ahold of more Animal Totem fabric!! 

There's 2 Sock sized Project Bags, a small Project Bag and a medium project bag in my Etsy Shop now 😄

I've decided to retire this fabric so I won't be sewing with it anymore. Mostly to keep my stock constantly rotating and to have Project Bags with new fabrics ❤❤

Happy Shopping!! 

March 18, 2017

Last of the SECONDS and Marked Down Stitch Markers in the Etsy Shop ❤

I've decided to mark down the Snagless Stitch Markers in my Etsy Shop to clear out some old Inventory! Going forward there will be a smaller selection of minerals available and they will be constantly rotating as they sell out! I hope to keep things new and fresh as things sell out 😄 In the mean time I've marked down all Snagless Stitch Marker Sets to $8 each!

And all SECONDS Snagless Stitch Marker Sets to $6 each while supplies last !!

Happy Shopping !!

March 17, 2017

A Special Collaboration with Bayview a Fiber Arts

In January I was thinking about fun ways to collaborate with other Indie Dyers. I love Paula of Bayview Fiber Arts dyeing style and thought it would be a perfect match 💜 So I opened a dialogue with her about collaborating on a couple limited yarn combos. I would dye up 6 skeins and she would dye up 6 skeins and we would trade. Then we would dye a colorway to make a perfect pairing for this colorway. I sent Paula 6 skeins of Hydrangea on Anna's Sock and Paula dyed up Bachelor's Button ❤💜

There will be only 3 kits in this awesome pairing! It would make a fabulous Shawl ❤

Paula also dyed up 3 skeins of Larkspur for a perfect pairing's match for Hydrangea. There will only be 3 kits in this color combo as well 💜

Her update is at 4pm Atlantic Time today! So if you were wanting one of these awesome color combos be sure to snag one!!

Happy Shopping 💜

March 10, 2017

Just added to the Etsy Shop!!

I added some Canadian Province Progress Keepers to my Etsy Shop today and they are going fast! Snag one while you can!!


My supplier didn't have all the Canadian Province's but I was able to get BC, Alberta and the Maritimes! So hopefully I can get my hands on a few of these again!

I also was able to restock the Kelmscott Embroidery Scissors in my Etsy Shop! 


Also!! All Snagless Stitch Marker Sets are marked down to $8 each and all SECONDS Sets are marked down to $6 each! Most have only a few sets left. Snag one while you can as I'm going to be taking a bit of a break from Snagless Stitch Markers while I think about streamlining that part of my business 😄
Happy Shopping 😄

March 09, 2017

Single Knit and Double Knit Sock Blanks in the Etsy Shop❤❤

I've just added some Single Knit and Double Knit Sock Blanks in the Etsy Shop!!

Single Knit Sock Blanks

Double Knit Sock Blanks

If you've never used sock blanks before, your in for an adventure!! There's no ball winding required and it's just frog a bit and knit. It keeps your Project portable and no worry about tangling skeins. 

Single Knit Sock Blanks can be used for any project. While Double Knit Sock Blanks were perfectly for 2 at a time Socks as they are Knit Double. 

Happy Shopping ❤

March 02, 2017

Etsy Update Saturday March 4 at 10am MST!!

I've been working like a busy little bee getting a few things completed ❤ I was able to finish up the Aboriginal Girls in the last of this fabric!😊 and they will be available during the Etsy Update Saturday March 4 at 10am MST 😍

Small Project Bag - 10 Available

Large Project Bag - 7 available

Extra Large Project Bag - only 1 available

I was also dyeing up a storm to get enough yarn for a worsted update for this month!

Top Row - RipTide, Dark Delphinium, MyOldBlackPowder all on Worsted
Middle Row - Delphinium, Ligt Speckled Rosebud, Speckled Rosebud all on Worsted
Bottom Row - Celebrate!, Subtle Celebrate! Both on Worsted and RipTide on Anna's Sock

I was also able to dye up some Local Icelandic Lopi in 4 colorways ❤
Clockwise from top left - Maligne, Rosebud, Grizzly, A River Runs Through

I've been super busy getting this giant update ready and will be assembling and shipping all orders out Monday morning 😄 

Happy Shopping ❤