March 25, 2017

Anyone Interested In a Central Alberta Fibre Fair? 😉❤

Since announcing this on Instagram and Facebook I've had a flurry of support. This last year has been substantial for my business and it has grown at a fast pace. I've come to know many vendors at the Calgary Fibre Shindig and Calgary a Fibre Arts Fair and they've become Fibre Friends. It's nice to get support from colleagues and friends alike ❤

People that don't know me may not know but I'm a Do-er. Basically, I speak my mind and tend to offend everyone that doesn't like hearing the truth. Hence why I'm here.  Bureaucracy doesn't like truth, assertiveness or directness which I've had my whole life. So when I find myself in the situation I'm in,


I'm doing exactly what I told the coordinator I would do. And I've had s flurry of response. So there will be a Central Alberta Fibre Fair.

I'm in the process of securing a venue and date. I encourage all Vendors to let me know what time of the year would work best for them. So far summer is what has been suggested  so it doesn't interfere with the Shindigs, EdmontonFibre Frolic and Calgary Fibre Art Fair. I'm open to communications with potential vendors and instructors! I'm looking at having an open call for vendors and instructors! I'm looking to have 30-40 vendors and hopefully a selection of fleeces (if any farmers with to attend as vendors), a selection of fibre, fibre artists, indie dyers, basically a broad spectrum of the fibre community I love❤❤

I've created a Facebook Group HERE and a Ravelry Group HERE 😄 There's an interactive thread open in the Prairie Fibre Festival Ravelry Group that is looking for customer opinions! Have your voices heard of what you'd like to see at the Prairie Fibre Festival in Central Alberta! I've had an overwhelming amount of support from vendors and teachers / instructors! So what do the customers want 😄❤ What courses would you be interested taking? Knitwear design basics, knitting techniques, how to run a sheep farm? Nothing's off the table! This is the group to follow and get your opinions heard, as the people make an event successful 👍

Keep your eyes peeled for additional information 😄

When one door closes, build your own house and open the door ❤❤

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