March 24, 2017

Prairie Dye Studio will not be at Olds Fibre Week

I think this is pretty explanatory. If you follow me on Instagram or on the Prairie Dye Studio Facebook Group this is old news but I figured I would post it on my Blog as well. I will not be doing the Olds Fibre Week Marketplace. I'm hesitant to say EVER but for right now, EVER. I've had 2 phone calls with the Continuing Education Department and it was not positive. I was stone walled so I couldn't go any further with my concerns and when I commented under my business account on Facebook I was chastised on a secondary phone call from the Continuing Education Department. There was a severe communication breakdown between me and the second lady, who said she was also a coordinator, and it was quite obvious that she had heard one side of the previous conversation between me and the other coordinator. Which was quite frustrating on my part. So I told her to take me off the waiting list. I don't need to do Olds. It's more of a Social event for me as the sales aren't there. So..... 

On a positive note; I'm doing the Spring Fibre Shindig in Calgary.

I'll also be at the Edmonton Fibre Frolic!

I have a super fun collaboration with the Manitoba Fibre Festival coming up in September. September 15&16 if your in the area! Facebook Link to their Facebook Group is HERE

And I'll be applying to the Fall Fibre Shindig and the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair as well. The Shindig's and Calgary Fibre Art Fair's are super fun to attend as a customer and as a vendor because of the atmosphere and lack of bureaucracy. 

So I'm not going to let this experience with the Olds Fibre Week Marketplace dampen my spirit because there's more profitable markets out there for me and I'll get to see my fibre friends there 😄

Now that that is covered,  I'm off to feeling super pumped about my next Etsy Update that will be either Monday or Tuesday! Keep an eye out for more details and some preview pictures ❤

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