February 17, 2017

What I do in my spare time...

I had plans the other day. I pulled out all my sewing equipment, set it up and set about getting some Project Bags done! I was quite determined to get all the Aboriginal Girl bags done. Well it didn't happen that way. I figured out about 2 hours in when I started making the handles that my sewing machines wasn't fixed, after getting serviced in November. Sigh.... Well it's back getting serviced again. My mom was kind enough to let me borrow one of her sewing machines. So hopefully I can get some progress on these super cute bags today.

Since I had some down time, I decided to take some updated photos of what I had left in my stock 😄 Since there's such variation with kettle dyeing, I like to keep updating the listing photos so show the skeins that are left. It can be quite fun, if the lightings right. 

Last 2 skeins of Columbia Icefield on SW Worsted

Front and Back photos of Columbia Icefield on BFL Sock 💙


Front and Back photos of Duchess on BFL Sock 💜
It's quite fun to see what skeins are left! I think that customers like to see which skeins are left. 

I also created 2 separate listings for Oregon Trail on Anna's Sock. There were a couple skeins that were darker and a couple that were lighter so hence:

Dark Oregon Trail on Anna's Sock

Light Oregon Trail on Anna's Sock

Both where dyed in the same pot but 2 skeins sucked up all the Browns and the other sucked up all the yellows and oranges. Both kinds of skeins are beautiful but 2 different looks ❤

February 09, 2017

Pre - Etsy Update Full Preview ❤❤

I'll be having an Etsy Update tomorrow, Friday February 10 @ 5pm MST! There will be 84 skeins available for purchase 😄 Below is a quick preview of the bases and colorways available ❤

BFL Sock 
Clockwise from top left - Oregon Trail, My Old Black Powder, Duchess, Celebrate! , Columbia Icefield , Realgar

Anna's Sock
Clockwise from Top Left: Oregon Trail, My Old Black Powder, Duchess, Celebrate! , Columbia Icefield, Realgar

Merino Lace
Clockwise from top left: Duchess, Realgar, Columbia Icefields, Celebrate! , My Old Black Powder, Oregon Trail

Happy Shopping 😄

February 04, 2017

New Collaboration in the Etsy Shop ❤

My good friend Marlene has been working on sheepy, knitting and crocheting Button Pins for a little while and I'm pleased to announce that I have a small selection in my Etsy Shop!! They are $4 each and measure 2.5cm wide. I will be keeping a rotating and  changing stock of these in my Etsy Shop for as long at Lady Dragonfly Studios decides to keep supplying me

Here's a quick highlight of what I have available in my Etsy Shop now 😍