January 12, 2016

What's on the needles...

Since a good 6 months of last year was pretty much dedicated to knitting up Christmas gifts, I couldn't wait to cast on something I wanted to knit. It didn't necessarily mean that I would be knitting for myself but rather a skein of yarn that I wanted to try out. I had this skein of yarn in mind:

It's knitting up fairly well and the colors are pooling but the base is nice to work with :-) I'm unsure if I'll be knitting these for myself or if they will be going into a box for gifts this year but I have time to decide while I'm knitting them :-)

I've also been knitting on a sweater that my 2 girls can wear. I have a newborn and a 2 year old and ever since I saw these Merino Felt packs at the Calgary Fiber Arts Fair in November 2014 I've wanted to spin and knit them into a sweater :-)

I've been posting pictures on Instagram of my progress spinning each color last year. It was so cheerful to be spinning such bright colors! I ended up with a total of 537 yards of a sport weight / light DK weight yarn.

Once I'd spun them up I knew that they would make a fabulous sweater :-) Sol I couldn't wait until after my second little girl was born to cast on. Once we got into a routine with our newborn daughter and our toddler I was able to sneak in some knitting here and there ;-) I decided on the Elwood pattern by Jenny Wiebe and had decided to knit up the 2T size. I wanted to maximize the yardage I had since it was handspun.

I love how the yarn has a semi solid look to it! I'm quite pleased with how it's knitting up and how I spun it. I had spun once consistent thin single and then chain plied it to make the most of all the spun fiber.

I was able to get a good start on the yellow yesterday afternoon while my little girl is napping. I also was able to get my toddler to watch some children's shows on Netflix on the ipad :-) Which gave momma some knitting time :-) !! I'm in no hurry to finish either projects but I am going to spend a little time here and there knitting in between enjoying our growing family :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

January 09, 2016

New Facebook Page...

I was finally able to set up a Facebook Page today while my new baby daughter took a nap :-) My plan was to create this Facebook Page to share new colorways, shop updates, new stitch markers, WIP's and FO's. I'll be sharing whatever I'm knitting, may it be PrairieDyeStudio yarn or yarn from other Indie Dyers. My primary reason for making this change is because not everyone uses Instagram, which I've been favoring the last year.

I also have just realized that the photos in my blog posts have been coming up blurry. This is highly embarrassing! I've been using an app on my iphone for blog posts and it seemed to be coming up appropriately on there but when I logged into my blog using my laptop today I had a big and unexpected surprise! So I'll be making a more conscious effort to blog on my laptop and making sure that the photos come up clearly.

Thanks so much for your patience :-)

January 05, 2016

New Years Sale :-)

I'm ready to kick off 2016 with a bang!! To start it off on the right step I've decided to have a New Years Sale in my Etsy Shop :-)

Everything in my Etsy Shop is 20% off using Coupon Code : RINGINGIN2016 !! The last day of the sale is January 14 :-)

I've also added a few of the last Snagless Stitch Marker sets. Be sure to snag a set while you can. I'm not sure when I'll be able to stock up on more :-)

Happy Shopping :-)