January 09, 2016

New Facebook Page...

I was finally able to set up a Facebook Page today while my new baby daughter took a nap :-) My plan was to create this Facebook Page to share new colorways, shop updates, new stitch markers, WIP's and FO's. I'll be sharing whatever I'm knitting, may it be PrairieDyeStudio yarn or yarn from other Indie Dyers. My primary reason for making this change is because not everyone uses Instagram, which I've been favoring the last year.

I also have just realized that the photos in my blog posts have been coming up blurry. This is highly embarrassing! I've been using an app on my iphone for blog posts and it seemed to be coming up appropriately on there but when I logged into my blog using my laptop today I had a big and unexpected surprise! So I'll be making a more conscious effort to blog on my laptop and making sure that the photos come up clearly.

Thanks so much for your patience :-)

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