October 27, 2014

Warping Through Nap Time...

I've been tossing around ideas for my 1st weaving project on my Kromski Harp and today I finally came to a decision :-) I was inspired by my test dyeing I did months ago!

I dyed up mini skeins of worsted yarn to test out each dye I purchased and I got a wonderful gradient :-) So I figured that this would be the perfect project. Full of color for a plain basket weave scarf! 

I had a bit of a problem deciding on a color for the warp. I don't have many skeins of plain natural colored yarn. My stash is full of bright jewel tones :-) So while tossing the stash, I was contemplating color combos but nothing was 'right'. Then I opened another rubbermaid container and right on top was a skein of Tanis Fiber Arts 75/25 merino silk fingering yarn in Sand. It was perfect :-)

I got right to warping. I flipped over my Kromski Harp, put the pegs in and started working in my warp. There was a minor disaster just before the end. One of the pegs loosened up and bit and went in an angle. Which in turn, allowed about 10 or so rounds to flip off and go all willy nilly into a giant knot. 

Surprisingly, I wasn't discouraged. Don't get me wrong I swore damn good but I didn't freak. I spent a few minutes detangling and rewinding the ball, then kept on going on my warp. 

All went well after that. I tied off everything. Tied off the cross in a different yarn and chained up my warp. Then I was ready to put the warp on my rigid heddle loom. That's when I realized that I was missing 1 of 4 bolts for my stand. 

So the search started. I've come to the conclusion that it's disappeared into the black hole of missing objects of the world. Right now it's chilling with all the missing stitch markers, dpn's and odd socks. I know I don't NEED to have this bolt to warp my loom but it's really more of a point of frusteration with me. I'm a Type A person that likes to have everything taken care of before I start something. Otherwise it will just bug the crap out of me the whole time. 

Plus, my daughter was due to get up from her nap. There is no way I'm going to start warping when my toddler is running amuck the house. That's a giant disaster waiting to happen ;-)

So hopefully I'll be able to get started on it tonight or tomorrow.

Happy Knitting :-)

October 24, 2014

Knitting Amiss the Chaos...

Not much on the docket today! I did my errands first thing this morning and was back in time for toddler nap time :-) I'm a little surprised she napped for about an hour. 


Anyways, I'm making progress on Lady Sunnyside!! I was finally able to get a photo showing the color as accurate as possible :-) I love this colorway!!

I'm currently working on the sleeves. Which are knitting up quite quickly. I still consider it sleeve island just because it's stockinette but at least it's not sport weight yarn ;-)

Right now I've decided to knit amiss the chaos. Tell me everyone that has a toddler has their house looking like this at least one day a week!

I just can't justify picking it all up when I know my tornado of a toddler will come ripping through in a few minutes. As soon as I post this post, I'm going to let her loose. Since I can hear her having a detailed conversation with herself in her crib right now ;-)

Happy Knitting :-)

October 22, 2014

And A Month Flies By...

The last month has been a little crazy. My daughter was teething like crazy. She had 4 molers pop in which made me want to cry out in frusteration and exhaustion. They took  just over 2 weeks to come in. Now she has her eye teeth popping in. 1 has cracked the gums the other 3 are at various stages of bumping out. Mom's just don't get a break! 

So during that time there hasn't been too much knitting time. When my daughter was awake she turns into a little monkey and when I crack out my knitting she likes to crawl all over me ;-) So the only knitting time I've gotten is when she's napping (which is few and far between these days) or when she's down for the night. Which is also spuratic. Sometimes she's down at 8pm sometimes she's up until 11pm. 

So saying that here's my knitting progress :-)

Pattern : my standard tie up recipe.

 I wanted to use up all of the scraps from my Star Trek inspired yarns so I'm going to keep doing stripes until I run out of yarn :-) This is my small portable mindless knitting project. It gives me a break from the next project when I need a POP of color :-)

This is my giant sweater blob. I'm close to finishing it and may or may not have enough yarn. I'm going to be cutting it close, so I'm deviating from my initial plan for this sweater. I originally wanted to do a shawl collar but because of this issue I've decided to leave the button band stitches on the waste yarn and work the sleeves first. Then I can work the button band / collar until I run out of yarn. I hope there's enough yarn for a shawl collar but I'll have to see how it turns out.

I really enjoy knitting with this yarn :-) The color is great and I can't seem to get the color right in any of my photos. It's so rich in person :-) The pattern is well written and simple. I'm further along than what shows in the photo. I've just finished the waist shaping and started working on the sleeves. My plan is to finish the sleeves then use up all the yarn in length. 

I'm quite excited to begin the button search for this sweater. I'm determined that this sweater is for me :-)

Lastly, here's a photo of my spinning progress from this ast month :-) I'm quite pleased with myself and my progress! My only problem is that I get in the groove of spinning and my bobbin looks all lumpy :-( I'm seriously considering buying a WooLee Winder :-) Maybe for Christmas!! I'll have to send some hints to my husband ;-)

Happy Knitting :-)