October 24, 2014

Knitting Amiss the Chaos...

Not much on the docket today! I did my errands first thing this morning and was back in time for toddler nap time :-) I'm a little surprised she napped for about an hour. 


Anyways, I'm making progress on Lady Sunnyside!! I was finally able to get a photo showing the color as accurate as possible :-) I love this colorway!!

I'm currently working on the sleeves. Which are knitting up quite quickly. I still consider it sleeve island just because it's stockinette but at least it's not sport weight yarn ;-)

Right now I've decided to knit amiss the chaos. Tell me everyone that has a toddler has their house looking like this at least one day a week!

I just can't justify picking it all up when I know my tornado of a toddler will come ripping through in a few minutes. As soon as I post this post, I'm going to let her loose. Since I can hear her having a detailed conversation with herself in her crib right now ;-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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