March 17, 2017

A Special Collaboration with Bayview a Fiber Arts

In January I was thinking about fun ways to collaborate with other Indie Dyers. I love Paula of Bayview Fiber Arts dyeing style and thought it would be a perfect match 💜 So I opened a dialogue with her about collaborating on a couple limited yarn combos. I would dye up 6 skeins and she would dye up 6 skeins and we would trade. Then we would dye a colorway to make a perfect pairing for this colorway. I sent Paula 6 skeins of Hydrangea on Anna's Sock and Paula dyed up Bachelor's Button ❤💜

There will be only 3 kits in this awesome pairing! It would make a fabulous Shawl ❤

Paula also dyed up 3 skeins of Larkspur for a perfect pairing's match for Hydrangea. There will only be 3 kits in this color combo as well 💜

Her update is at 4pm Atlantic Time today! So if you were wanting one of these awesome color combos be sure to snag one!!

Happy Shopping 💜

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