May 12, 2017

Online Shop Is Open!!


I would say this is one of the biggest steps I've had to take with my business. The first was registering a business name. This is a close second. I've spent about 4-5 days setting up my own Shopify shop and it was well worth it. So far I love the layout and aesthetic I can create with my own online shop. 

Find my new Online Shop here :

The major difference is that notions will ship for a flat rate ( until they exceed 110grams then they will be shipped Expedited Parcel which is charged by weight) and all other purchases are shipped by weight. So Shipping is calculated during the paypal process. 

I'm going to have a mini Update next week that will include a few skeins in the colorways I dyed up for the Frolic. Date is to be announced soon! 

Thanks so much for the love and support in this transition 😍

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