May 01, 2017

Online Shop Possibly Coming Soon!!


There may be changes on the horizon for my online customers!

Etsy has been sending me emails for the last month or so about updating my Payment Policy and accepting Etsy Payments. The new email I got this morning stated that any Etsy Seller that doesn't accept Etsy Payments will have their account deactivated on May 18. I prefer using PayPal as the funds are received instantly, the customer is protected and I can ship via PayPal (which also protects the seller). Basically the difference between Etsy Payments and PayPal is that Etsy would hold onto the funds until a deposit date. So I would have to use Etsy's shipping method and they would hold onto all the funds until they deposit it. So i emailed my concerns to them, since I was grandfathered into the previous payment policy. So if they decide to force me to accept the Etsy Payments I will be shutting down my Etsy Shop on May 17 and sourcing out an online shop domain. Sorry for the inconvenience to all my customers and more info will be announced as I know it 😄

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