April 29, 2017

The Vendor Call for the Prairie Fibre Festival is Open ❤️❤️


The Vendor Call is open and will remain open until June 1 or until all the booths are filled 😍 I've completed a Vendor Application Form and if your interested in being a vendor send me an email at PrairieFibreFestival@outlook.com and I'll forward you the HTML and PDF files for the application!

 I'm looking to provide a broad selection of goods provided by the Fibre Community and since this is Indie Made Market I'll be selecting vendors that have processed, dyed, spun, made or designed (for use in the Fibre Arts) the majority of their items (excluding equipment).  All Applications will be numbered in the order received for future table selection 😄

Any Potential Vendors that are looking at selling just fleeces or any Farmers looking to display just fleeces can contact me directly at prairiefibrefestival@outlook.com .

And all potential Instructors can contact me directly at prairiefibrefestival@outlook.com . There will be a limited amount of courses available and they will be available to everyone that will attend the Prairie Fibre Festival. They should be about 30-60 minutes in length. 

Thanks so much to everyone for you support and continued support ❤️❤️ My Fibre Baby is becoming a reality 😍

  [1]: /forum-images/PrairieDyeStudio/2kncb-rtcxfh

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