April 24, 2017

We Have a Date for the Prairie Fibre Festival!!


As I hinted before, after the Calgary Fibre Shindig it was going to bring about a flurry of planning for the Prairie Fibre Festival!! I booked the Lacombe Memorial Centre as the banquet area is HUGE and is adjacent to a coffee bar area that I also rented out! I have plans to use the Coffee Bar area for a Knit in / Spin in area 😍 

The banquet area can easily hold 30-40 vendors! There will be a vendor and Instructor call shortly. Over the next few days. I just need to finish making up the applications. So keep your eyes peeled!

In the mean time, I've opened up a Guild Call for Central Alberta. Specifically the Red Deer area. Many guilds are struggling and don't have the financial means to pay for table fees. So there are a select few tables I have reserved for guilds. I want to have attendees be aware of their local guilds and the untapped knowledge they have in the Fibre Arts! So if you know anyone or are a part of a guild in the Red Deer and surrounding area please email prairiefibrefestival@outlook.com for more info!

I'm a firm supporter that knowledge should be passed down through the generations. This is a great way to support that and support local guilds❤️

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