April 05, 2017

Updated Yarn Photos in the Etsy Shop 😍❤

Today is day 1 of yarn prep for the Calgary Fibre Shindig! So I've got a goal of 10 pots of yarn to dye for today 😉 I have 2 pots going at a time so I should be able to get them done by the end of the day! Then the grind starts again tomorrow ❤


In between Dye setting in the pots, I took a few minutes to take updated pictures of the remaining stock I have! I won't be dyeing up anymore of those colorways for the Shindig but they will make future appearances in my Etsy Shop! I'm loving the idea of keeping my stock and colorways rotating for markets and updates. It helps keep my stock at a manageable amount 😍 


So if there's anything you see that you like, you might want to snag it before April 15. Saying that! I'll be putting my Shop on Vacation Mode from April 15-24 so I can have that week for Shindig prep. Basically getting my display down ( or a rough idea 😂), making stitch markers and Progress Keepers, making sure items are priced, etc! So if there's anything you want from my Etsy Shop you'll have until April 15 to get it 😍 

If you'll be attending the Calgary Fibre Shindig and don't want to chance something being sold before you get there you can always buy it and use coupon code LocalPickup2017 to save the shipping charges and pick it up at the Shindig! Just put "Pick Up at the Shindig" in the comments 😄 I have a small tub accumulating orders for me to bring as we speak ❤❤ 

Thanks so much and keep your eyes out for dyepot photos 😍

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