April 21, 2017

Calgary Fibre Shindig Preview!!

I've been a busy lady the last month and I think I finally have it dialed in! I did the bulk of my work 2 weeks ago so I was able to tie up loose ends the week before the Calgary Fibre Shindig! 


If you in the Calgary area be sure to check out the Shindig! It's a fun market and this year it's grown to encompass the adjasant room in the Hillhurst Sunnyside Centre! There always quality vendors there and an abundance of yarnie goodness 😍❤️

I did a full preview of all the yarn I'm bringing on the PrairieDyeStudio Facebook Group  so if you haven't checked it out yet, GO!! There's a summary of how many skeins are available on what bases and what colorways! To help you figure out your Shopping the day before 😉

If your not sure where my booth is I'm in booth 4 which is right by one of the entrances!

Make sure you pop in and say hi!!

Happy Shopping 😄

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