April 29, 2017

FO Splatter Socks!!

How spectacular are these tonals in my Pastel Splatter Socks!!

My supplier started selling sock blanks and so I ordered some to try out. I had an aesthetic I wanted to stay with for the finished product. Meaning that I didn't want to have sock blanks that were aesthetically pleasing to the eye but when Knit up customers think, "well.... that looked better in the sock blank". 

As a customer myself, I struggled with the aspect of buying a gorgeous sock blank and when knitting it up it looked completely different ........... and not in a good way. 

So the outcome were sock blanks dyed with a splatter effect.


They were overall aesthetically pleasing and not repulsive to look at. They even look a little lack lustre. 

But when Knit up..... 😍😍


Like how can you NOT love these tonals in these socks! How each of the 3 colors meld into each other!!


The overall finished aesthetic is exactly what I was going for too! Two socks that look like they belong together! There are subtle differences but they look like they are related. Not thrice married, twice removed and like 8th cousins on your maternal side 😂 

I'm thinking that after the Edmonton Fibre Frolic I may have to do some more sock blanks for my Etsy Shop 😍❤️ In the mean time there's only 2 left in my Etsy Shop!! 

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