May 03, 2017


This has been a year of rapid growth and change for my little home business! I thought I had it balanced out (the best I could) and then Etsy decided to change up their payment policies. So after lots of positive comments (and a few encouraging words in Instagram from TheBlueBrick and TheCozyKnitter) it helped solidify the decision it's time to get a Shopify online shop. For a long time I was resigned that if Etsy was working I would keep with it. I would sacrifice how the itemization was and the FEES!!!! My bill had been going up steadily the last 4-5 months and I felt like I was constantly reorganizing and fiddling with the categorization for my Shop. The last straw was being forced to accept Etsy Payments. Maybe it's an old way of thinking but I don't think a company should hold your money (that you don't have access to) until it's deposited into your account. It's like they are trying to take out PayPal and collect the interest for the time they are holding Etsy Sellers funds until they deposit them. I know you can ask for an earlier date to deposit but does it really change the fact that they are trying to profit even more on Etsy Sellers. At least with PayPal I have access to the funds that I can use for buying more product or transfer it to my business bank account. 

So saying that, I will be transitioning to a Shopify online shop. I am in the midst of prep mode for the Edmonton Fibre Frolic so I don't have the time to dedicate setting it up until after the Frolic. So on March 17 I will be removing all items from my Etsy Shop, switching on Etsy Payments and leaving my shop vacant and empty for the foreseeable future. Then after I'm done the Edmonton Fibre Frolic I can dedicate my time to setting up my Shopify account 😍 I'm sure there will be trials and errors but having an area that I can customize to how I want it and save on the FEES! I'm sure I'll find out more when I get my first bill from Shopify but the monthly fee was $79usd, 1% of transactions going through PayPal and listings are unlimited. Which is still cheaper than Etsy. I paid just under $300 in fees for last month on Etsy......

Since all this change is happening before I can get a Pre Frolic Etsy Update I'll be offering a sweet deal in the mean time! 


I have a few skeins left of Local Icelandic Lopi left and they are taking up a bin I'll need for the Frolic! So I've decided that all purchases where yarn or Project Bags are purchased get a skein of Local Icelandic Lopi for free! Just let me know your colorway preference in the comments and I'll add it to your order ❤️❤️ This is in effect until the supply runs out!  It helps me transition to the lighter weight yarns for spring | summer AND it's a little spring cleaning for me 😍

Happy Shopping!!


  1. Let me know how this goes for you! I've been dissatisfied with Etsy for a while now and have been thinking of switching over to Shopify. I think I'm holding back due to the unfamiliarity with it and the possibility that I'll be spending more than I make. Yet I'm so not happy with Etsy's payment system...and the fees. So many fees!!

    1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one! So far I think the hardest part is transferring my stock to Shopify, which is a lot of tedious work. But once you get the hand of it it's not too bad but it does take time. I had no idea that I had like 160 listings!! I am looking forward to see what my fees are monthly. I was paying just under $300 and it seems like they are going up every month. It's hard to see you hard earned money to to Etsy the. They want me to accept Etsy payments. I can choose to just have PayPal for payments with Shopify. They have a couple monthly plans. I think the lowest is $29.99USD and 1% of payments via PayPal. It's worth checking out to see if it's something benefiti for your business!