November 02, 2015

Waiting patiently for the Calgary Fiber Arts Fair...

I am being so patient! I can't wait for the Calgary Fiber Arts Fair! I've been following it since its creation last year and this year is going to be bigger than last years :-) I was hoping to be a vendor this year but shortly after finding out I was approved, I found out that I was expecting and I knew I want going to be able to get enough inventory made up for this awesome fair! I was mostly worried about the unknown and I didn't want to stress myself out since I'll be hormonal and pregnant ;-) I'm hoping next year will be more attainable for me :-)

Anyways, I still wanted to contribute to this awesome fair so I contacted the creator and asked if I could do some Giveaway donations :-) Of course that was ok!

I decided to donate 3 giveaways and each giveaway would contain a full set of Small, Medium and Large Snagless Stitch Markers :-)

Small Bloodstone, Medium Green Line Quartz and Large Hematite

Small Bloodstone, Medium Green Line Quartz and Large Petrified Wood.

Small Bloodstone, Medium Green Line Quartz and Large Petrified Wood.

I am out of stock of Bloodstone, Green Line Quartz and Petrified Wood Snagless Stitch Markers (as part of my inventory reduction in the previous posts) but I have many more lovely gems and minerals available if you check out my Etsy Shop :-)

I LOVE my packaging!! It's everything I envisioned! Simple, Rustic and Whimsically Prairie! I hope the lucky recipients of them at the Calgary Fiber Arts Fair on Nov 7 will love them :-)

If you are in or around Calgary this Saturday Nov 7, I would highly recommend attending. There are fabulous vendors and lots of beautiful fiber goodies!! Cost to get in is $5 per person/ adult or if you bring a winter coat or hat and scarf combo as a donation to Project Warmth you can get in for free :-)

If you decide to take any of their courses you can also get in for free! A list of their courses is in their Ravelry Group or on their website!

To get more information on the Calgary Fiber Arts Fair you can check out their Website, Ravelry Group, Facebook or Instagram !!

Hope to see you there :-)

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