October 29, 2015

Some Progress Pics :-)

I finally got around to taking some pictures yesterday! I was up fairly early! My husband was going duck / goose hunting so he was up at 5am which meant that I was up too.

You try sleeping in when you have 3 dogs ;-)

So I grabbed a coffee and started knitting on the Black Cinder Block Socks. The last of the Christmas 2015 Socks :-) Although I had to turn on some bright lights to see what I was doing, I was determined to get going on them. The faster I knit these, the faster they'll be done!

This is an early morning progress update on the first sock! I dedicated all my knitting time to knitting on this sock yesterday and by the time I was ready for bed I had gotten to the heel :-) I did take a little break to make a cake yesterday ;-)

I cheated a bit. The cake is from a box but the icing is homemade and it's heavenly!! I used THIS RECIPE and I've added it to my recipe box ;-)

I've already cut a slice with my morning tea as a pre breakfast snack ;-)

I even couldn't help but line up my daughters minions in the photo ;-) They look just as obsessed with this cake as I am!

I was also able to take a FO photo of the Scrappy Garnet Socks I casted off the other day.

Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden Bamboolicious in an OOAK colorway and Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label in Garnet

Pattern: my own mish mosh of my fav toe up techniques. If your interested check out my project notes HERE :-)

I loved both bases as they are both incredibly soft :-) I know these socks will be loved!

On today's docket is to keep knitting on the Black Cinder Block Socks. I'm going to start the slip stitch heel shortly! I'm going to relax for a bit and enjoy the pre toddler chaos by drinking my tea watching something other than cartoons ;-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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