October 20, 2015

Stitch Marker Sale :-)

As I'm getting closer to my due date I've been getting into the nesting mode. I've been organizing and moving around furniture in my house to make room for this new baby in our spare bedroom. Which means that we no longer have a spare bedroom for guests but now it's a dedicated nursery! It just barely fits the crib, change table, rocking chair and of course all my fiber hobbies ;-)

I have my loom back in the closet, and have all my stash neatly packed away in the closet as well. I have all my Prairie Dye Studio yarns and stitch markers neatly stored in its Rubbermaid container with easy access.

Since organizing my inventory for my business I figured I would do a little inventory reduction in regards to stitch markers. I've been making them up as the orders come in but I know that won't be feasible once the new baby comes along in December. So I've decided to have an Etsy Sale in all Snagless Stitch Marker sets to clear them out before this baby is born ;-)

Unfortunately, I won't be doing any custom orders as whatever is in my stock and inventory is what I have. I have some sets pre made up in sizes and some where you can still choose the size of your liking. But as I get closer to my due date I'll be making up all the stitch markers into either small or medium sizes as they are what I sell most and I'll ship them out as they sell :-) It's just easier for a sleep deprived mom if I can just package up the order instead of making them up. I'll need that time for some shut eye when I can get it ;-)

All sets in my Etsy Shop are $6 plus shipping.

I'll still be dyeing up the odd pot of yarn when I get a chance and adding it my Etsy Shop but it won't be a priority for the first bit.

Thanks so much for your understanding and enjoy the Snagless Stitch Marker Sale :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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