October 03, 2015

Back to Christmas Knitting...

There's been a vicious chest cold circulating through my husbands work. I caught it about 3 weeks ago and it lasted 2 days, then my husband got it and he's been suffering from it for about 3 weeks. I thought I was in the clear but apparently I got it again about 5 days ago and it knocked the crap out of me. I was able to do very little knitting but most of my time was dedicated to trying to rest, get better and keep track of an active toddler. I've been feeling WAY better the last 48 hours though.

So here's a little catch up :-)

I was super excited to get my September Installment of the Tanis Fiber Arts Year in Color Club. It included a super soft skein of chunky alpaca merino blend yarn which is now a new base called Grey Label!! The colorway was named Margarita and even though pink is NOT my color when it's knitted up its more of a hint of pink than anything else.

It came with a cowl pattern but I had my heart set on a toque for myself ;-) So after a quick search on Ravelry I decided on Foliage.

It was a super quick and enjoyable knit. It's super soft and is heaven to wear :-) This base is going to be a hit!

I had a bit left over so I decided to play a bit of yarn chicken and start knitting a hat for my toddler. So we can have matching mommy & daughter toques. I used the Foliage pattern but I opted not to do the lace portion aside from the crown increase.

I was running short of yarn so I put out a ISO in the Tanis Fiber Arts group for any scraps from the club. So thanks to Teresa for saving my butt and sending me her scraps!! Thank you, thank you!! :-)

I know my daughter is going to love her toque when it's done bc she has been wearing mine whenever she can ;-)

Now I've picked up the eye searing Red Hot Pink Christmas Socks. I weighed out each remnant ball before I started knitting and had intentions of using up every bit. So I knit the first sock and was very happy that there ended up being enough yarn for an ankle sock. I was sweating a little when I was knitting up the heel and I the ball was getting smaller and smaller. But I was able to squeak out a sock! So now I'll have enough for a matching sock :-)

Which I'm working on now :-)

And I don't even want to mention the chaotic status of my side table which has all my WIP's on it.

There's a bunch of Christmas knitting on there, plus my "inspirational motivation reward". Which is my From Way Back Cardigan which has like 6 rows started on it, but it's meant for motivation for me to get my Christmas Knitting done!!

That pretty much gets me caught up for now ;-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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