October 16, 2015

Another one down...

I've been making some serious progress on my Christmas Knitting this year :-) I was able to hunker down and finish the second sock to this pair of socks yesterday!

Pattern: Cinder Block Socks by Anne Hanson
Yarn: Kertzer On Your Toes with Aloe Vera

This pattern is my go to sock pattern for men's socks as it's fairly stretchy with out being k2p2 ribbing the whole time and its esthetic ally pleasing to the eye.

This knocks off another pair of socks from my Christmas Knitting List. Now I just have 2 more pairs to knit. One more pair of black Cinder Block Socks for a size 11 man and a pair of socks for my brothers new girlfriend who (thank god) has a size 7 foot!!!

Finally a small pair of feet ;-)

I've started hers about a week ago but was able to dedicate some good knitting time to them today. The photo was taken this morning and isn't an accurate representation of how far I got today!

I actually just finished the foot and need to work on the heel of the first sock. So I made some wicked progress on it today :-) I'm just knitting the plain stockinette with a slip stitch heel by WendyKnits using Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label in Garnet and Zen Yarn Garden Bamboolicious in an OOAK colorway that been in my stash for like FOREVER!! I love how well the colorways go together and both bases are super soft. I know she'll love them :-)

I've also finished the eye searing Red Hot Pink Socks.

Pattern: Slip Stitch Heel by Wendy Knits
Yarn: Dragonfly Dyewerx Smooshy Sock in Princess 2.0 & Rocky Mountain Dye Works Sundance Sock in Red Hot Pink

I was quite worried that I would run out of yarn with both colorways since I was just using scraps. So before I started knitting I weighed out each ball so I knew where I would have to reserve yarn for the second sock.

It was totally nessessary. At the end I literally had like maybe 11 inches left of yarn left. Pretty much finished by the skin of my teeth ;-)

I am so glad these socks are casted off. I am totally not a pink person and looking at these socks made me want to gauge my eye balls out ;-) It gave me that extra incentive to get them done so I don't have to look at them anymore! There is going to be long dry spell between the next pair of pink socks I knit up ;-)

Lastly! I'm going to be attending The Fibre Shindig in Calgary tomorrow. I've never been there so I'm looking forward to checking out the vendors and posting some photos to my Instagram! So if you want to see what it's all about check out my Instagram feed!! I'll also be doing a blog post sometime after as well!

Happy Knitting :-)

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