October 18, 2015

The Fibre Shindig :-)

Yesterday I was able to convince my husband to do a quick day trip to Calgary so I could go to The Fibre Shindig.

I had found it by chance on Facebook and though it would be a fun thing to check out! I'm so glad that I went. There was about 20 vendors and lots of friendly Fibre minded people :-)

I immediately did a couple rounds to see the vendors and what they had.

My first stop was Chasing Fire Studios! I bought some clay button from her last year at the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair and they worked perfectly for my Lady Sunnyside :-) I knew she usually sells out quickly so I wanted to ensure that I got a few sets of buttons :-)

I selected a diz and 2 sets of buttons :-) I had a hard time deciding and spent quite a bit of time perusing her stock. I had to ask if she was going to be at the Calgary Fiber Arts Fair and she said she was so I'll be popping in again to check her out ;-)

The next booth I checked out was Sea Turtle Fiber Arts. They had many beautiful saturated yarn colorways and it drew me in right away :-) This booth was a little packed and I had a hard time getting a photo but I fell in love with that lime green skein in the picture! Sadly the budget was a little tight but I'm hoping they'll be at the Calgary Fiber Arts Fair in 3 weeks ;-)

Then I popped in to the Clay & Cloth booth. She had the most beautiful yarn bowls.

Now I'm not a yarn bowl person. A lot of the yarn bowls I have had in the past and have check out previously are (what I feel are) too flimsy. They tip easily and I felt they would require too much effort in fiddling to make them worth while. Although I couldn't stop myself from looking at her yarn bowls!!

This was a short list of my favorites!! When I started picking them up to inspect them I was quite surprised at how heavy they were! Which is what I wanted. Less tipping :-) I ended up picking this one to come home with me:

The price was very reasonable too. I paid $40 at the show for it :-)

After creeping out the Clay & Cloth booth for an exorbitant amount of time ;-) I went to the Dragonfly Dyewerx booth. This is a regular pit stop for me as she has lots of crazy colored yarn and the colorway names are fabulous!

This was just a portion of her booth and it was BUSY!! I chatted with the Ms. DragonflyDyewerx for a bit as I am always smitten with her yarn! I always make it a point to check out her booth may it be at Olds Fibre Week or the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair and she usually has her stock picked through quite fast!

I was able to pick out a beautiful skein of Sparkle Sock in There Was A Pastry Mishap!

There were so many options for fiber, dyed sock blanks and of course yarn!!

One of the last yarn pit stops was The Wacky Windmill! I should have went to this booth first since it was right next to the Chasing Fire Studio booth but it was very busy.

This is just a small portion of their booth and the fibre was beautiful!! I have a few skeins of their yarn in my stash and I've been waiting for the perfect project for them :-) I'm hoping they'll be at the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair so I can make sure to pop in before it get busy!

The last booth I popped in at was the Made By Knitty Pie booth. She had some wonderful project bags and beautiful quilts!!

It was wonderful to have a bit of chat time with a fellow prego lady and we are due around the same time :-) I bough a fabulous project bag :-)

Ok, I know I said this was the last booth that I visited but on the way out there was one more stop!

The Purple Gecko Studio had these fabulous stitch marker earrings! I thought they were super cool! I usually just wear studs in my ears but if you love statement earrings these are for you!! :-) She also had a lot of cute cotton drawstring bags in funky fabrics too!

So here's a picture of all my purchases that my budget would allow and I'm so happy with them :-)

Overall The Fibre Shindig was a raging success and I will be attending next year!

Next up? The Calgary Fibre Arts Fair in 3 weeks! I'm totally going ;-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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