November 19, 2015

Nesting for a Knitter...

I've been in nesting mode for the past 2 weeks. I was obsessed with getting the spare room set up for our (soon to be) new baby. Then getting all the Christmas decorations up. Then finishing up all the knitted Christmas gifts. I still have one more to go. Plus some extra hard if I have time ;-)

Now it's time to focus on clearing up some of my queue. I've been planning on knitting my mom a sweater for just over a year. She picked out a pattern and I picked out some stash yarn. I was going to modify the pattern she wanted to the style I wanted but it would require too much brain power and when your pregnant your brain doesn't function. So I convinced her that Lady Sunnyside was the way to go. Which she agreed to and she loves the sweater. My brain thanks her ;-)

So I casted on this sweater about 2 weeks ago and have been knitting on it religiously as my primary project.

Here's a few progress photos from the last couple weeks :

Working on the raglan. It was getting pretty brown in central Alberta. It was getting colder and there was no snow so it was the perfect time to be knitting a cheery green project ;-)

I was able to squeeze in some extra knitting time when my toddler decided to go down for a rare nap. I think my dogs were even excited that she was down for a nap ;-)

I got the waist shaping done. I still might add a bit of increases to the waist shaping but I'm going to wait until after I finish the sleeves to make that determination. Us French / Ukrainian ladies have a little extra junk in the trunk ;-)

I was able to finish off the first sleeve last night before I went to bed. So I can start on the second sleeve. Then once the second sleeve is done I can get going on the body. I like to knit my raglan sweaters this way so I can accurately gauge how much yarn I have left and use it to my advantage for extra length, if needed. I like longer sweaters so when I sit down it doesn't ride up!

I love this pattern :-) It's so easy to knit, well written and easy to make minor modifications to. The only modifications I have made so far is to increase the amount of stitches to the arms so they are more of a loose fit and to eliminate the button band to the pattern to add a button band at the end. So a knitted on button band. I'm hoping for a bit of a shawl collar but I'll decide when I get there. It's more important for me to get the extra length than the shawl collar.

Hopefully I'll have more to share shortly :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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