August 31, 2014

Spin, Spin, Spin...

I'm so glad I'm feeling way better today :-) I'm keeping a positive outlook because sometimes you can get caught up in the negative when your not feeling well. 

One thing that keeps me happy and positive? Spinning :-) I was super excited for my toddler to go to bed last night so I could whip out my wheel. I decided that I would start by spinning the Polypay x Arcott roving. It's very beautiful to spin. A short staple that is light and lofty. I'm spinning it very finely to get either a sport or a fingering weight. I have plans to buy some more next weekend at the farmers market. If I'm able to secure another pound or two I would love to spin up enough for a sweater. So far it's coming along great :-) 

Then I can decide what color I want to dye it after :-)

Happy Spinning :-)

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