September 02, 2014

Toss Stash, Wind Yarn, Cast On, Repeat.....

I'm a bit out of control!!  

When I wasn't feeling well I didn't really knit or spin. Now that I'm back to 100%, I'm having a hard time FOCUSING on one project. I have the insatiable urge to cast on project after project. Even though I had 3 projects on the go already. 

There's my Baba's sweater, which has been marinating for a while. I like the yarn, I like the pattern. I'm not keen on the endless stockinette using sport weight yarn. Also, since it's a dark colored yarn. I find I can only knit on it during the day. So I can see the stitches. I really need to get going on this since it's September and I'm sure she wants to wear it this fall / winter. 

I have my Vector  which I'm knitting with beautiful one of a kinds from Tanis Fiber Arts  These were marinating in my stash for a few years before this perfect pattern came along. Love the pattern :-) Love the yarn :-) It's perfect mindless knitting! It's just sometimes I need something more than garter stitch. 

That's why I cast on a pair of Smokestack Socks in my last skein of Star Trek yarn from Pandia's Jewels  The pattern is easily memorizable and addictive. I'm working the leg on the second sock but sometimes you just want to knit something new :-)

I just couldn't help myself yesterday. I saw this project on my Rav Friends Feed and instantly fell in love with it! Then I immediately started searching my Rav stash and found the perfect yarn! I'm using 2 skeins of Penelope by Spirit Trail Fiberworks in the Deep Ocean colorway. The base is 50% Bombyx Silk and 50% Merino. Which means that it's 100% AWESOME!! It's so soft and perfect to knit with :-) Sadly this base is discontinued but if your interested there are some skeins being destashed on Ravelry

Back to the project, I casted on ASAP after winding up the skeins. The only modification I made was to cast on 70st so I could make a wider scarf. I'm enjoying knitting it so far :-) 

Happy Knitting :-)

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  1. And very beautiful they all look, too. It's so hard when you have lots of projects on the go, and you want to work on ALL of them NOW! And a pity that real life gets in the way of knitting time...