September 03, 2016

Knitting for Fort McMurray

Photo credit to : CTV news

A few weeks ago a post came across my feed from @ramonafirehorse on Instagram!! She was getting together a Knitting Donation for the residents of Fort McMurray affected by the wildfires. I was intrigued and anxiously awaited an update! 

Today was the day but it was from a more an indirect avenue. On my Facebook feed it came up that they were looking for donations for winter for the residents that are unemployed, have lost everything and are homeless! This is an issue because some were minimally affected and could go back to work, still had a house and hadn't lost everything. There are others who have lost. They are all at varying degrees of loss but it's still a loss, regardless of the money value. So I contacted them to find out if the Northlife Fellowship Baptist Church would accept any knitted wool items to distribute to those in need at the distribution centre. They replied yes! I will be getting the details shortly and sharing so all knitters can donate hats, scarves or possibly more! More will be announced soon!

I've been in contact via email with one of the ladies from the largest distribution centre in Fort McMurray and she welcomes knitted items for the winter such as toques and scarves. I will be speaking to her directly via phone this weekend and will get more clarification of where they would like these knitted items sent for distribution to all residents in need in Fort McMurray!! Get your needles ready #AlbertaKnitters , #CanadianKnitters & #knittersoftheworld !! 

KNITTERS UNITE!! Sharing is totally encouraged!! :heart_eyes:

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