December 06, 2017

Kelmscott Scissors will be Discontinued in 2018

It’s that time of the year! When I start thinking about what direction I want to go with my business in 2018. I say this as my 2 year old is waving a stuffy in my face while yelling “DINOSAUR!!”. The life of a stay at home Mom who runs a home business 😂

Anyways, every year I do a bit of restructuring for the next year. Some items get discontinued and it gives me time to think about items I may want to bring in. It also lets me think about what I enjoy making and to spend more time doing that in the New Year. 

One of the things I’ll be discontinuing are the Kelmscott Embroidery Scissors. I really love them and they are aesthetically beautiful (and completely functionable). They are gaining in popularity and are becoming readily available in many Local Yarn Shops. So it makes sense to discontinue them. 

Scissors are a feel to fit item purchase❤️ You never know if you are going to use them until you feel how they fit in your hand! 

So my remaining Kelmscott Scissors inventory will remain in my Online Shop until I sell out and I won’t be reordering them. I won’t be further discounting them as the markup is quite low to keep the prices competitive in the marketplace.

Happy Shopping ❤️

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