January 27, 2014

Bag Clean Up....

My name is Melissa and I have a problem...... I have WAY to many Project Bags!! I started to go through my project bags and realized that I have a ridiculous amount of bags. It was astonishing. Even I was beyond surprised. Below is a collection of the ones that I no longer use.

Then there are a few key ones that I tend to use ALOT.

These tend to be mainly bags by MisoCraftyKnits because I LOVE THEM!! Most of them have WIP's in them but that's for another post...... Far, Far in the future. I'm still in denial about my WIP status.....

There is also a few KnowKnits bags in Camo because I'm a bit of a redneck at heart ;-) The large bag is also highly convenient for the larger projects that just won't fit into the large MisoCraftyKnits bag. I also have a couple TomBihn Stuff Sacks & a Hadaki Zip Carry All Pod that I bought from KnitPicks a long while ago.

Then there are the ones that I bought because I thought they were cute or neat..... and they sat in a pile in the closet. So I decided that it's time to clear them out. I've sent out a couple emails to a few knitting girlfriends to see if they want them. I'm sure it won't be hard to get them re-homed! There's some ThreeBagsFull, some Hadaki and a bunch of misc bags that I can't remember where I got them from. So off they go :-)

And last but not least I have a pattern holder from Mad Bird. I loved it but again I NEVER used it. I always fold the pattern up and shove it into the bag. So it goes off to a new home as well :-)

Out with the old and limit the new coming in ;-) 

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