January 03, 2014

Stripes for Scott

I've been pretty silent since returning from Mexico. Mostly because I had about 10 days to finish knitting some Christmas gifts. I knew it was going to be a tight finish but I was determined. My daughter had other plans. She had 2 more teeth popping out so she was FOUL! So not much got done for 7 days. I finally decided to commit to staying up all night knitting to complete the 2 sweaters I was working on. In the end I got to sleep a total of 8hrs over 2 days but both sweaters were completed.

First up is the sweater I knit my brother. He was quite happy that he got a sweater for Christmas.

He's been wearing it pretty frequently since Christmas. This was the first clear non washed out photo I could take since he got it. 

Pattern : Ă‰milien by Ariane Caron-Lacoste

Yarn : Cascade 220 Superwash Worsted 4 balls of Navy & 4 balls of Silver Grey

This was a fairly easy knit. I wasn't fond of the cast on. At the time I wasn't sure if I wanted to do a hood but in the end decided against it. If you decide not to do a hood you can do any cast on you wanted. Knowing this now I'll do a long tail cast on for the next one. I found that the cast on the pattern calls for ends up being a little too loose so that row looks kinda messy in the end but my brother assured me that t wasn't that noticeable. Except to me. 

Also, the body ended up being a little snug compared to how perfect the sleeves fit. So I would also add more stitches to the body for the cast on row for the next one I would make. Aside from that it turned out quite well.

I'm hoping to get some better pictures of the sweater I knit my sister. Then I can do a post on her Reverb :-)

I've been super excited the last month. There has been 2 babies born in my family :-) Both my cousins were expecting this year and I couldn't wait to start knitting for these 2 darling babies :-) so right now I've got a darling baby sweater on the needles.

Pattern : Sunnyside by Tanis Lavallee

Yarn : Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label in Garnet

I can't explain how much I love this yarn. It's so soft :-) I know that my cousin's little girl will love it! 

Happy Knitting :-)

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