June 29, 2015


Finally!! A day where it's not smokin' hot! It's been well into the 30'C the last couple days and it was smokin' hot the last week so I am so happy that today is over cast with a bit of rain. I'm going to take full advantage of this day by catching up on doing some cleaning and laundry! There's something about having a hot day of epic boob sweat proportions that isn't encouraging to do any work what so ever. It was quite a chore just to make dinner.

Until I get going on cleaning the house I've decided to spend my morning knitting on my Smokestack Socks. I love this installment of the Tanis Fiber Arts Year In Color Club. This is May's installment and it's a new sock base that she's testing out in the Willow Colorway. This is my favorite colorway so far :-)

Today's going to be a productive day :-) I'm hoping to get the heel turned and completed. If I'm a real keener I would love to get going in the leg portion. I want to get this second sock completed before the July Installment pops in my mailbox!

Happy Knitting :-)

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