June 10, 2016

Building up my stock!

I've been building up my stock the last couple weeks for Olds Fibre Week and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel 😄


I finished all the Progress Markers and all the Snagless Stitch Markers the other day! I've added all my stock I currently have for the Snagless Stitch Markers to my Etsy Shop already.


They include these beauties! A Rainbow set of Fire Polished Glass Beads 😍 They sparkle like crazy and weigh about the same as the mineral stitch markers.


I've also added some super cute Knitted Sweater Progress Markers to my Etsy Shop! 


As well as some Crystal Angel Progress markers and just a few of the Hooked Crystal Angel Progress Markers. See below:


I use my progress markers to mark the beginning of a row. Although, I have been using them to mark every 15 rows when I am knitting plain stockinette socks and it works fabulously. Then I can see how many rows I've knit very easily.


I haven't added all the Progress Markers into my Etsy Shop yet but I will be adding some this weekend! I decided to sell them in smaller packages so you can choose to buy different kinds of Progress Markers and not commit to just one kind.


And today I'm going to work on finishing the last 14 project bags for the market 😄


Here's a few waiting for their final ironing!


I should have 46 bags available for purchase at the Olds Fibre Week Market! Some are sewn up with some fabulous fabric my mom gave me from her stash. It's been sitting there for 10-15 years, so I'm not sure if that qualifies as vintage but it's pretty cool!

Happy Knitting

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