June 25, 2016

Olds Fibre Week...

It's been a week since Olds Fibre Week started and I am starting to get back into my usual self. I was quite obsessed with preparing for this event and I was so glad that I was able to get it all done ahead of time. It left very little time to be stressed the day before 😄 

If you follow me on Instagram, I took a photo of each booth at Olds Fibre Week and did a little explanation of what they had. It was fabulous!! There were so many fabulous vendors! About 30 vendors and there's too many photos to post here. Just check out my Instagram feed from the menu on the right side of my blog! It's inspiration! 


I scored some pretty sweet yarn the second day of the market. I hit up the Sea Turtle Fiber Arts booth and the Danware booth! I was so good before this point and it basically helped me (or shoved me) down the rabbit hole of purchases! The skein on the left is Dark Side of the Moon on Ridley Sock and the skein on the right is Easter Eggs on Ridley Sock with a contrasting heel toe skein. I'm a complete sucker for rainbow or oranges so these skeins were mine when I saw them!! I casted on Dark Side of the Moon shortly after the market!! More on that in a little bit 😄


The third day of the market was a falling off the band wagon day 😂 but it was completely worth it 😄  I am a firm supporter of all Fibre Artists and love to try out other dyers yarns as well as my own. 

I also got lots of positive response from customers and vendors alike. I had a wonderful chat with Caroline from Ancient Arts Yarns and she had such positive things to say about my dyeing. It was a little overwhelming since I took her yarn dyeing course a couple years ago at Olds Fibre Week. Thanks so much 😄

Which reminds me, I got a gorgeous skein of yarn from the Ancient Arts booth!!


Colorway is : To Boldly Go , which is named after Caroline's coloured highlights in her hair 😄


I also picked up 2 skeins of 100% fingering Merino from Rabbitworks Fiber Studio. She is such a nice lady 😄 I'm hoarding these skeins and hope to find a special project for them soon! She'll be back next year at the Olds Fibre Week Market so keep an eye out for her booth 😄

I had acquired some gorgeous yarns so it was hard to figure out which one to cast on first. The determining factor was, I remembered this nice lady showing me her Fingerless mitts she knit up using Dark Side of the Glam and I fell in love with them!



Like how do you NOT get inspired after seeing it caked!!


I was also super impressed with how the pooling was next to none when knitting a pair of fingering weight mittens.


Then voila! The first mitten was done. There was a little pooling when shaping the mitten top for the first mitten but I find it very minimal! Overall, I love how it came out and I've already started the second mitten!!

A little Instagram news! I've reached 600 followers on Instagram and I decided to celebrate! The first 10 orders from my Etsy Shop get a free Snagless Stitch marker set. Just add your choice from my available stock in the comments section and I'll add them free of charge to your order 😍 Happy Shopping!!

 Just a reminder that I'll be closing up my Etsy Shop during the Canada Post Strike which will be starting July 2. I will be shipping all orders until then so they may or may not be held up by the Strike / Lock Out. Shipping within Canada takes about 7 business days and shipping Internationally takes about 2-4 days to clear Canada Post. I have gotten a couple price quotes for shipping via other avenues and they were significantly more expensive so I've decided to put my Etsy Shop on Vacation mode until Canada Post comes to some agreement for their Collective Bargaining agreement. 

I am checking into other avenues so that my customers can purchase my products in the Edmonton area and the Calgary area. So keep an eye out for that announcement 😄 

Hopefully in the very near future!  

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