July 01, 2016

Fried, just fried...

I've been spending some downtime with the family after Olds Fibre Week. I was super busy leading up to it and the positive response from everyone was so unexpected but in a positive way 😄 I usually make up whatever I feel like doing that day 😉 and have no expectations set. Then any outcome is a positive outcome! So I was so grateful to have my stitch markers, project bags and yarn featured on some wonderful podcasts 😄 I was featured on the Grocery Girls podcast, the Fairy Little Podcast and have been tagged by so many lovely peeps on Instagram 😍 Thank you so much everyone for your kind words! I'll keep plugging along and I have some plans of expanding what I'm currently doing this summer. There will be lots of trial and errors but I'm hoping to expand my creativity and see where it takes me. The only person that can block yourself, is yourself 😉

So during this brief time off I decided to go visit my Baba for a couple days with my mom. We did a 3 day road trip which was a 4 hr drive each way with an ornery and independent 3yr old and a 6m old that was constipated. It was a wonderful visit but it was a bit stressful on the way back. My mind is fried. Today was my first day back and I spent a good portion of it getting my house back to the way I want it. So doing laundry, dishes, cleaning and organizing. The normal thing if you leave your husband unattended in the house for 3 days 😂 We also spent some time at the Local Canada Day festivities for children and had some good family time. But now I have my mindless socks out and I can't even muster the brain power to knit on them today. I'm surprised that I can type up this blog post.....


If your wondering about the project bag, it's one of my favs and I kept this last one 😍 It was slightly imperfect as the fabric is slightly crooked but I absolutely ❤️Love❤️ this vintage fabric!! I may have to go vintage fabric shopping in my moms fabric stash again 😉😂

Happy Knitting!!

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