July 07, 2016

New things are in the works 😄

I've enjoyed my little time off after Olds Fibre Week and have had some much needed time for myself and with my kiddos 😄 I've been tossing around some ideas of what direction I want my small business to go. I have a couple new products that I'm working on and I'm really excited to see what the response is for my first update and sequential updates after the Canada Post Strike / Lock Out is resolved! So there are very positive things on the horizon!

For now I'm super excited that my yarn order came in yesterday! MCN will be hitting the dye pots in the next couple weeks and a restock of Anna's Sock, which will soon be called 80/20 Sock. I know it's unimaginative BUT it makes it easier for people to see what it is when I'm doing shows. So there will be a transitional period while my Labels with Anna's Sock are slowly phased out. Thanks so much for your patience 😄

Now some awesome news! If your follow my Instagram feed or follow me on Facebook you would have seen that just recently The Knitting Room in Calgary, Alberta has started selling my yarn and featuring my yarn! I'm super excited to be working with Helena of The Knitting Room for this expansion of my small home run business! I love that she's rebranding an existing business that she's purchased and introducing more modern yarns and is supporting local fibre artists 😄 If you haven't been to the NEW The Knitting Room it's definitely worth the trip! I'll be visiting it on Saturday to check it out again in person!! They just recently had s fabulous review by The Yellow Pages by a fibre lover! Check it out HERE !!


Helena has about 20-30 skeins in stock at The Knitting Room right now! I will be replenishing the stock and rotating the stock there for the next couple months as a trial to see what the response is and if it can be balanced with my online business. I am super excited that it gives local customers in Calgary to have a place to go and buy my yarn. Possibly buy more yarn as well since they are saving the shipping 😉 

I'll still be doing regular updates and I can't guarantee that all colorways will be available at both my Etsy Shop and  the Knitting Room. I'll do my best but it's inevitable that it might not be available through both avenues. I will only be stocking The Knitting Room once a month and possibly more if my stock is selling more. If you are looking for a custom order and order it through The Knitting Room it will have a 4 week layover time. 

I will do my best to maintain favourite colorways in stock in both my Etsy Shop and at The Knitting Room but I also don't want to stifle my creative outlet so I'll also be doing lots of free flowing creative dyeing. Which basically means that I have no set plan when I start dyeing and just let the creativity take ahold and see what happens. I find that the most gorgeous colorways are created when I do this 😍 The last thing I would want creatively would be that I have a set dye list every time I go to dye. That's no fun 😂 

For now I'll only have my yarn at The Knitting Room until I figure out if it's cost effective, on my part, to sell my project bags there! I need to stream line my project bag process to get it at a price point I'm comfortable with. Thanks so much for your patience 🙏 

I'll keep posting new items to my Instagram feed, in my Facebook group and my blog as they are completed! So keep checking back! A you can find my Instagram feed or link on the right side of this page in the tool bar. You can find PrairieDyeStudio on Facebook HERE and Prairie Dye Studio has a Ravelry Group as well HERE !! Feel free to share any progress pics or what your working on in the Prairie Dye Studio Ravelry Group!  

Thanks so much for all your support and hopefully I can branch out to the Edmonton area next 😄

Happy Knitting AND Shopping !!

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