July 12, 2016

Etsy Update Friday July 15!!

I am so happy that Canada Post has decided to continue bargaining and when I say this I mean that Canada Post and the Union, together! Because both have consessions they need to make. My to make this political or anything but it's important for both sides to make consessions and work together for the benefit of the business, the employees and the customers! That's all I have to say about that.....

Anyways! I hit the dye pots yesterday and dyed up 31 skeins of yarn! I'm super excited about how these came out! Here's a quick preview:


I have posted a complete preview on the Prairie Dye Studio Facebook page HERE !! You can see how each base looks in the colorway! 

I have 30 more skeins to dye and a custom dye job so there will be more colorways to show off in the next couple days 😄 Tomorrow is dye day 😍

Happy Soon To Be Shopping 😄

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