July 06, 2016

Indie Dyer ❤️Love❤️...

Before I went to Olds Fibre Week I was obsessed with getting prepared for the market. I didn't have too much time to think about potential purchases. When I wasn't working on increasing my stock or my display I was spending time with my husband and 2 daughters. So after I had my booth set up I got a chance to check out some booths and had a mental checklist of what purchases I wanted to make. Flock Fibre Studio was definitely one of them! I picked up a couple things, did a massive amount of Instagram photos of all the vendors. Then I got home and was looking through my acquisitions and realized that I didn't get something from their booth! Palm.... In..... Face.....!!! 

Like how does that even happen? I was super exited that they did an Etsy Update a few days later. I promptly bought a skein of yarn and a braid of fibre. Shipping was super quick since they are located in Calgary and I'm located just north of Red Deer! 


I fell in love with this skein!! It looked so fabulous when I received it and when I un-skeined it to take this photo o could see all the flecks of color and the depth of the dye job was really fabulous! I can't wait to cast on this skein and see how it knits up!! It might be a little bit but it's on my short list!


Next up was this fabulous 65/35 Merino Silk braid. I had taken this "traditional" photo that everyone uses for braids:


But you couldn't see the depth and the marbling of each color in the braid. The colorway is call Thunder and Lightening and each color in the braid has a wonderful semi solid appearance so I know it's going to spin up magically 😍

They still have some gorgeous colorways available in their etsy shop and they are still shipping via courier! They are located in Calgary so if your local they may be able to meet up with you 😄

Happy Knitting 😄

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