August 04, 2017

Prairie Fibre Festival

I've been busy planning the Prairie Fibre Festival since May and it's amazing that it will be happening in under 2 months! There's 18 confirmed vendors and there's vendors that are unconfirmed! Once vendors have paid their booth fees they are a confirmed vendor and get to select their booth! Then I add them to my marketing campaign! There is still 1 Booth available and some Tabled Booths. So if your a Indie Maker of the Fibre Arts and would like to become a confirmed vendor send an email to and request a vendor application! Booths and Tabled Booths are only booked when a vendor is confirmed and paid 😄

I'm so looking forward to this event! There is a fabulous array of vendors that I've been featuring on the PrairieFibreFestival Instagram Account and the Prairie Fibre Festival Facebook Group! If your not following me on these platforms your missing out! I shared a video of a Machine Cranker in action! It's completely memorizing 😍 There will be anywhere from 2-4 Machine Knitter Crankers there doing their demo! You can ask questions if you'd like but can just watch these fabulous ladies use these machines! This is very exciting because a Machine Cranker is quite the financial investment so it gives customers the option to ask any questions they would like before committing to finding their own Cranker! 

Also! If your not following the CozyUpKnits of The Stitchin' Sisters Podcast, you should be! They are doing a giveaway for 2 entry tickets to the Prairie Fibre Festival! Check out their Instagram Account and the Giveaway Post to get entered!! 

This is going to be a fabulous family run Fibre Event! My husband, sister and mom will be there, as well as some awesome fibre friends 😄 Be sure to pop in on September 24, 2017 and enjoy some shopping, a few free courses and visiting ❤️❤️

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