October 31, 2017

Christmas Advent Calendars will be Available Nov 1 @ Noon MST

If we’re being honest here, originally I wasn’t going to do a Christmas Advent Calendar 😂 I have never been particularly interested in advent calendars by any 1 Dyer and I am not interested in having 24 mini skeins for a Calendar. So I shy’d away from it. Although about a week before the Calgary Fibre Shindig I started thinking about what I wanted and didn’t want in an Advent Calendar. This was still in its infancy stages and I knew I didn’t want 24 mini skeins, I knew I didn’t want it all being yarn (bc my stash is CRAZY!!), I didn’t want it all Notions, and it would be nice to have a couple full skeins for projects. Then synchronicity happened. I had a few customers ask if I was doing an Advent Calendar! Then the planning commenced! I contacted 6 Indie Dyers to see if they would be interested in dyeing up some minis for the Calendar and every single one said yes! Then I figured out a palette that wasn’t traditional Christmas and everything came together! 

So behold! Below is the Product Description of the Christmas Advent Calendars! 

🎄Christmas Advent Calendars will be listed Nov 1 at Noon MST🎄 There will be 6 Calendars available and they will be priced at $329 each. Free shipping applies to them ❤️ They will be listed until Nov 15 or until they sell out! There will be 25 days of treats per each advent calendar and below is more details:

This years theme for the Prairie Dye Studio Christmas Advent Calendar is an Unconventional Christmas! No traditional Christmas colors here! Below is general info about what is included in the calendar! I understand not everyone wants a calendar full of yarn or a calendar full of notions so I wanted to give full disclosure of what’s included. So you can decide if it’s right for you!

1 Project Bag

1 Notions Bag

1 full skein of Luxury Yarn

6 - 20g skeins of yarn by Alberta Indie Dyers. Each Dyer has contributed 1 - 20g

6 - 20g skeins of coordinating solid yarn for the Indie Dyed Minis

1 full skein of Worsted weight yarn

1 pattern for a single full skein project

1 pattern for a mini skein Project

7 Notions of various price points

6 of my favourite items from a few of my favourite companies and Indie Makers❤️ 


Honestly, considering I pulled this together in a few weeks is awesome and it includes my favourite things! 

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