March 17, 2014

10 Day Catch Up :-)

I've been wanting to write up a post for the last couple days. Although now that I have a walking baby it's making it a little hard to carve out some time to do that. The down time I get I end up doing some cleaning or knitting a bit. If I didn't get to knit a bit each day I would go batty.

So saying that I have a bit of progress to share with you!

I got a wonderful photo from my cousin showing her darling daughter Madison modelling her new Crocodile Stitch Booties. She absolutely loves them. I'm sure they'll get lots of use :-)

It's been a long while since I casted on a pair of socks. Last year was the year of the sock. It seemed that everyone in my family wanted a pair of socks for their birthday or Christmas. I finally drew the line and said no more socks last year. Well after religiously reading MisoCraftyKnits Blog, I've been insanely jealous of all the socks she's pumping out. It relight a fire for sock knitting. So I decided to wind up an old ball of yarn I've had in my stash. I wasn't sure how it would look knitted up. I was not in love with this skein.

But to my surprise, when I started knitting with it I really started to love how it was turning out. It's amazing how that works :-) Secretly, I'm ecstatic that it's turning out well because if the skein looked like crap when I was knitting it I would be totally bummed. 

Pattern : BFF Socks by CookieA (please note, that I didn't buy the pattern. I looked at the photos and figured it out in my own because I'm a badass that way)
Yarn : ZenYarnGarden Bamboolicious Yarn in BB1D. It's an OOAK that I got in a bulk grab bag that they used to sell. It was a smoken deal. I wish they would bring back the grab bag :-(

A week ago, I got to get a day out of the house.... BABY FREE!!!!! As you can tell I was pretty excited about it. Just over a week ago I got to get out of the house and leave my child to spend some daddy / daughter time with my husband. I went to Starbucks for a coffee and some knitting time. I used to go to Starbucks when I was on my lunch (pre-baby) and knit away. It was good at the time to get away from any stress or drama that was happening. Anyways, it was very enjoyable and relaxing.

Then I went to my spa appointment. I had booked a steam bath and a pedicure. It was beyond awesome. I decided that while I was getting my pedicure I would continue working on my sock. I felt people watching me (which isn't unusual if your knitting in public) so I looked up and there was a man and a woman getting a couples pedicure and they were both staring at me like I was nuts. That I considered to be a little rude. I gave them the "what's your problem" look and they quickly adverted their eyes. I have no idea why this bothered me since I usually don't care if people stare at me while I'm knitting in public. I think it was the blatantly rude look they gave me. 
Although the ladies doing the pedicures were quite enthralled by my sock. 

Lastly, I finished the mittens and toques I was knitting for my friend Darleen. All was good until I decided to finally wash and block the mittens so I could line them with fleece. Then I noticed a problem.

A miss crossed cable on 1 mitten. At least it's at the top of the left mitten. So I'm a little miffed that I have to rip it out and reknit the top portion. I guess its a learning experience for next time :-(

Hopefully I'll have a combined photo of the whole lot of accessories for Darleen in the next post.

Happy Knitting :-)

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