June 16, 2014

Bloomin' Happy :-)

The last couple days have been a little nutzo! We've had some on and off rain each day. Which is making everything super green. This year I decided to do the "lazy" garden and plant a bunch of summer / spring bulbs so they're all starting to come up. 

There's the odd sprigs of quack grass in there. Ignore them ;-) They got pulled shortly after I took the picture. 

I'm going to get some beautiful Peony flowers this year!! I'm so excited for them to bloom! I have 3 Peony's planted in the front and I've been patiently waiting the last couple years for them to bush out and bloom. This is the year :-)

My rhubarb plant is producing well this year as well. So I'm planning on making a small batch of rhubarb jam this week. Hopefully, it'll be just like my Baba used to make :-) I may have to lower my expectations, since I've never made jam before!

I'm also very pleased with myself :-) This is the first year I've chosen my own flowers for my pots. Usually, I just buy them already potted. That ended last year. I bought my pots and when the flowers bloomed I hated the colors they had in it!! So this year I was determined to do it myself and I'm so happy with what I chose. 

This Begonia plant was the last one at the greenhouse. I fell in love with the color :-) It's a wonderful salmon orange. It was in a hanging pot that was very root bound, so I transplanted it then gave it a good trimming. It was SUPER lop sided. Then I brought in the trimmings to see if I could root them, and enjoy the blooms :-)

I made fresh bread on sunday. There's nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread in the house! 

I casted off Kaylee's Mitten  :-) Both yarns bloom wonderfully once washed. Since both yarns are superwash, I soaked them for an hour in the sink. I then transfered them to the washing machine for a cycle on delicate and then into the dryer they went. That fluffed up the mittens! Since I still wanted to block it to show off the cabling I sprayed them lightly with water in a spray bottle them pinned them out to dry. It didn't take long. I only do this for blocking before FO shots :-)

They look awesome! I'm not a pink person, but Kaylee is! I know she'll love them. She loved the toque I knit her. I knit both the mittens and the toque holding the yarn double to get gauge.

Pattern: Eugenia's Mittens by Mollie Woodworth
Yarn: Dragonfly Dyewerx Smooshy Sock in Princess 2.0 (dark pink) & Rocky Mountain Dyeworks Sundance Sock in Red Hot Pink (lighter pink)

Also more yarn has been mailed off to it's new home :-) 2 skeins are off to live with Jennifer! I hope she loves them :-) 

Bottom Skein : Prairie Knitting Yarns BFL Sock in Double Bubble

Plus, a couple Snagless Stitch Markers to try out :-)

Today, I'm going to relax and knit a bit more on my TFA Vector. It's coming along :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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