June 24, 2014

Out The Door...

I'm quite excited! Tomorrow I'll be attending Old Fiber Week :-) I've registered for the yarn dyeing course. I know the basics but it's always good to learn some more skills! I'm going to make sure to take lots of pictures. I'm sure this excursion will be more than inspiring! I can't wait. I've already packed my bag and I'm raring to go.

Aside from being ecstatic about what tomorrow holds, I've decided to dwindle down my personal stash a bit. It's WAY out of control. When you can't close the lids on the rubbermaid containers, thats a problem! 

I've been able to sell some and send them to new loving homes :-) Although now I've been informed that the ISO Destash Group doesn't allow "Commercial Seller's" to post destash threads in the group. Even if it's their own personal stash they are destashing. One of the moderators was very nice about it but it's still a bit silly. I'm not pumping my business, but she didn't make the rules. So I'm undecided what to do. Do I list them on Etsy? Do I leave them in my FS portion of my stash on Ravelry? Do I create a personal Ravelry account, not associated with my Etsy shop? I have a lot to consider.

Anyways, I also was able to ship out another order today :-) These skeins are on their way to Jennifer. I hope she loves them. I also sent her a half set of my Snagless Stitch Markers in White Onyx to test out.

Top Skein : Material Girl on BFL High Twist Sock
Bottom Skein : Spring Showers on Anna's Sock

I'm also ecstatic that my Peony's are starting to bloom. They are beyond gorgeous!

I'm also plugging away on my TFA Vector  I love how it's coming along. The only modification (if it could even be considered a mod) is that since I weighed out all my skeins halfway, I'm short on ridges for each color. The pattern calls for 36 garter stitch ridges and I could only do 31 ridges with half a skein. So to make up for the difference I'm going to work the whole skein of  Forest Green in the middle before I continue on with the gradient on the other side. I'm sure it will still look fabulous :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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