June 26, 2014

Physically Exhausted, Beyond Creatively Inspired!

I think the title pretty much sums it up! I am so exhausted from the AWESOME course yesterday! I attended the Freeform Dyeing Course from Olds College  It was so much fun and beyond inspiring! I learned so many new techniques and an overall new way of thinking about dyeing yarn. Our teacher, Caroline Summerfeld, was the best. She was extremely informative and had hilarious stories of why certain thing just shouldn't be done during the dyeing process :-) Her trial and error stories were inspiring and hilarious! She's the kind of teacher I enjoy. Direct, informative, funny, talented and lackadaisy (dyeing wise). It was totally worth the money for this course.

Caroline and her husband are the owners of Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts and I had time to peruse their booth at the market during lunch. It was fabulous! I fell in love with her roving braids!

There were so many great vendors at the market. Like this wonderful booth. Spring Harvet Farm had so many beautiful locks of Mohair. I fell in love with them (as well) :-) I took her card since I have full intentions of buying some mohair from her in the near future. She let me know that she doesn't update her website often since she's so busy on the farm but if I sent her an email, she can put an order together for me. Which I'm totally ok with. If I had a bunch of Angora Goats on a farm I would be out with them most of the time too :-)

Alright, I may have gone a little crazy in this booth. I won a $20 gift certificate to the market from Olds College and I spent it all in the Legacy Studio booth. Plus a little more.

I just couldn't help myself. Look at all this fiber!!

I ended up buying all of the marbled roving! I originally found the 200g bag of Oatmeal BFL and instantly fell in love. Then the owner showed me the 100g bags of Merino in Gunsmoke and I was toast. So I bought the last 3 bags ;-)

Alright, now to show off the skeins I dyed. 

This skein is dyed using the crock pot method. This was pretty fun :-) You basically put your water in, your vinegar, then your skein, add your dyes and let it cook until it's exhausted. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this photo on Wednesday:

I was in a group with 2 other sweet ladies and we had fun. We added our first layer of color first, let it cook for an hour, then when we came back it looked like this :-) The bath was exhausted so we turned the skeins and added what dye we wanted to our skeins :-)

I hand dyed this skein. I don't like it. Since I use different dyes for my dyeing at home I wanted to try out the brand that Caroline had. So I pretty much used a little of the primary and secondary colors we created and in the end I'm just not in love with it. I'll stay with the dyes I'm using now. I'm a sucker for saturated yarns. 

These 2 skeins were dyed by Caroline since we wouldn't have anywhere close enough time for each student to dip dye in a pot or kettle dye their own project. 

This above skein is the kettle dyed skein that Caroline did. Seeing the process that she used and how the skeins took the dye and transformed is magical!

This skein is the skein that she dyed using the dip dye method in te dye pot. It was also beyond awesome.

I need to order some more yarn ;-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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  1. I love them all! Especially the top skein with the blues and whites!